Verification of CNA in Oklahoma

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The federal authorities are very specific about the wellness of the health and welfare of the public through safe and quality cares and to oversee the implementation of federal rules the congress passed Nursing Home Reform Act, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA ’87). The legislation contains the education and competency standards for the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) or Competency Evaluation Programs (CEP). The OBRA-87 requires each state to provide training program of 75 hours meeting its education standard and the candidates must be offered Certification exam (CEP) to evaluate their competency level.

The Oklahoma Department of Health (DOH), through OK Nurse Aide Registry also oversees that the OK NATCEP or CEP program meets the standard as mandated by the OBRA legislation, and the candidates proving their competency level by passing state CNA exams are awarded practice license and listing with the OK Nurse Aide Registry, as mandated by the OBRA and allowed to work in various types of health care settings.

It is also to be remembered that the DOH and OBRA also require the practice license of the CNA must be in active status for working in varied health care settings, free from any disciplinary actions and free from records on abuse, neglect, crime, misappropriation of resident’s property, exploitation, mistreat of residents and theft. The certification must also be renewed every 2 years before it gets expired by providing the evidence of working for 8 hours for compensation preceding 24 months period of renewal application. 

Necessities forVerification of CNA in Oklahoma

The factors responsible for the Nurse Aide License Verification through OK Nurse Aide Registry Online service include:

  1. CNAs seek verification to find out if their license is in current status or expired.
  2. Health Care facility owners conduct Verification of CNA in Oklahoma before offering employment to see that their license is in active status and free from any disciplinary actions or records that prohibit these nurse aide from working in the facilities.

But, on occasions, it happens that CNAs due to heavy work load or non enquiry of employers for the status of license at the time of employments makes nurse aides to overlook their license renewal or they forget to renew their license. They can verify online with the OK Nurse Aide Registry about their license status.

In the second case the state and federal laws are very strict about the safe health of its citizens and require every facility employers to verify the license of the nurse aides before offering them employments. They must find out if the license is in active status for working, as required by the state laws and OBRA legislation, and the license is free from any disciplinary or other negative records that may bar these nurse aides from working. The procedures that can be followed to ascertain the facts require Verification of CNA in Oklahoma.

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