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The Vanderbilt School of Nursing has been ranked among the top 15 nursing schools in the United States for a reason.  Undoubtedly, it has one of the highest quality programs that are combined with an excellent faculty membership who are considered among the best in their field of practice. 

Nursing students who have completed their degree in this institution understand why the clinical experience they received is definitely second to none.  The school has successfully intertwined active engagement of experts with the availability of healthcare resources. In the field of nursing, as with any other type of profession, the better educational qualification and greater experience a candidate has in a specific area, the more valuable he becomes. 

With the limited supply of highly qualified and educated nurses to fill-up vacancies in middle and top management positions, current and potential nursing students should realize the importance of extending their studies to postdoctoral programs for increased career growth.  Consider taking your postdoctoral degree from the Vanderbilt School of Nursing because of these reasons.

  1. Uniquely designed postdoctoral program

The postdoctoral program in Vanderbilt School of Nursing is a comprehensive two-year course that allows fellows to extend the scope of their knowledge in the fields of research while conducting successful interdisciplinary projects.  They will also experience enhanced communication and writing skills that will serve them in good stead when collaborating with patients and their families.

The program is likewise an excellent chance for widening and creating new peer networks in the healthcare industry.  Postdoctoral fellows will benefit from individualized programs that will cater to the strengths of the students.  Senior mentors will share their vast wealth of experience in the field to get a better understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary research opportunities available. 

All of these are presented in an extremely supportive environment where every fellow has the chance to receive generous stipends and salaries.

  1. Easy application and eligibility process

To benefit from the advantages of the postdoctoral program in nursing, applicants need to make sure that they are initially eligible for the program.  This means that they are currently nurses who have successfully completed doctoral programs either from the same institution or from other nursing schools.  The doctoral program must have been completed within the past five years and residency should be established by residing or relocating to Nashville, Tennessee.

The application process is relatively easy with applicants being encouraged to get in touch with the Postdoctoral Program Office before the submission of supporting documents.  The selection process for fellows would normally be done in the aspect of getting the best possible match between the applicant and existing faculty mentors.  The supporting documents that would normally be required to be submitted together with the application form would include:

  • Official transcript of academic records from all previous higher education institutions attended by the applicant
  • An essay dealing with the professional career goals, reasons for postdoctoral education, goals of the postdoctoral education, area of focus for the research, expectations from the mentorship, and how the selected mentor will match with the expectations and needs of the applicant
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Three letters of recommendations
  1. Right environment for learning

Postdoctoral fellowship provided by the Vanderbilt School of Nursing can result in widening of career horizons and better potentials for growth. This can primarily be attributed to the creation of an environment that is filled with experienced mentors, wealth of resources, and proper curriculum to nurture nurse scientists and scholars. 

Boasting of almost 500 postdoctoral fellows, the course supports the participation in programs, seminars, special projects, and other activities that are related to the Medical Center and other university colleagues.  This gives fellows the chance to expand their professional reach and social contacts as well as gain better understanding of the successful strategies utilized by other fellows to further their research careers.

  1. Financial incentives

Postdoctoral fellows of the Vanderbilt School of Nursing Office of Research can benefit from the annual stipend being offered, which amounts to $48,500 including other fringe benefits.  The program also provides for an additional $16,500 as a support to research-related activities like tuition fees, travels to meetings, funding for data collection, and purchase of data, supplies, and equipment among others.

  1. Unique opportunities for advancement

One of the main reasons for taking the postdoctoral course is to increase the chances for career growth.  This is achieved through the extension of knowledge in the research area and conducting of successful interdisciplinary projects for research.  By gaining the necessary skills in communication and writing, fellows can focus their research and education in various areas.

By extending research to various fields, new peer networks can be created where other unique opportunities for advancement can be born.  Some of the common areas of research are:

  • Better quality, safety, and outcomes of care
  • The effect of nursing interventions in patient outcomes
  • Improvement of the quality of life for individuals experiencing different health challenges
  • Management of pains and symptoms
  • Informatics
  • Workforce forecasting and planning
  1. Increased research opportunities

The potentials for increased research opportunities stem from the ability of obtaining hands-on involvement in different types of research projects.  Another available opportunity is the chance to become part of on-going research projects by participating in various aspects of the research.  The more research ventures fellows get involved with, the more opportunities they get to hone their skills.

These opportunities will eventually translate to the possibility of developing new data for research procedures.  The extent of their knowledge will be boosted by their participation in activities like research conferences.  Eventually, they acquire enough skills to be able to effectively write grant applications that can be submitted to funding organizations.

  1. Challenging writing and communication skills

One of the primary goals of nurses taking postdoctoral programs is to develop their overall competence in the areas of writing and communication.  This is achieved by this program by requiring fellows to submit one written manuscript every semester to a particular peer-reviewed journal.  They are likewise expected to communicate the results of the studies to benefit the entire healthcare industry.

The development of skills to interact with media is something that can be improved by the program.  This is normally done through the delivery of effective public presentations and the completion of media training programs.  Teaching strategies and evaluation will likewise be acquired through the postdoctoral program.

For any nurse who has successfully completed doctoral studies, these are enough reasons to pursue a postdoctoral program from Vanderbilt School of Nursing.

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