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There is no doubt that the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) has one of the more rigorous and competitive educations programs in the field of nursing.  It not only provides nursing students with the chance to focus on generalists for patient care, but also gives the opportunity to specialize in different types of high focus areas of the nursing service.  Current and prospective nursing students looking for a dynamic and competitive academic environment will find ample challenges in this educational institution.

One of the most appreciated deliverables of the university is the access to members of the faculty who are considered leaders in their respective fields of endeavor.  These are scientists who deal with cutting edge research protocols and methodologies in the field of nursing.  Some of the mentors are expert clinicians, which mean a degree from the University of Maryland School of Nursing is a sure sign of competence, accomplishment, and growth. 

But before you proceed with the enrollment procedure, checkout these common questions:

  1. Is it necessary to submit applications to UMSON and the University of Maryland, Baltimore to be able to attend nursing school?

Applicants to nursing studies only need to complete one application form if they intend to attend the School of Nursing.  Applicants should be aware that their applications should be coursed to the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School if their intention is to take up PhD programs.  Only one application will be required for applicants who wish to enroll in BSN, Post-MS non-degree, MS, CWO, Certificate, and DNP programs.

  1. Will the applications that do not meet the required 3.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) still be reviewed?

Despite not meeting the recommended GPA for applicants, the submitted application form and supporting documents will still be considered and reviewed as a matter of policy.  The school will peruse all supporting documents that have been submitted by the applicants before a decision is handed down.  This however, does not encourage applicants to avoid aiming for the required Grade Point Average.

  1. How can the Clinical Nurse Leader program (CNL) be chosen if it does not appear on the application?

All applicants to the University of Maryland School of Nursing should understand that the Clinical Nurse Leader program is a specialized field, which means that it is not immediately available on the application. In order to select this program, applicants must choose NURS-MS as the type of application.  The Masters of Science (Nursing) should be selected as the course of study choice.  This will finally allow for the selection of the CNL in the specialty area.

  1. Will any retaken courses affect the application?

Any courses that have been repeated by applicants for admission to the university will all be factored into the computation of the Grade Point Average.  How it will affect the status of the application can vary substantially depending on the other grades of the applicant and current GPA score.

  1. Will applying to more than one program increase chances of acceptance?

Some applicants may have the wrong notion that when they apply to a BSN as well as a CNL program, their chances of being accepted into the university will be increased.  Unfortunately, this is a fallacy because the University of Maryland School of Nursing will only take into consideration one program for every application during the term.

  1. Why do Maryland residents have an out-of-state status?

It is not entirely impossible that applicants who have lived in Maryland their entire lives can be considered as out-of-state residents.  To be able to update this status and be considered as an in-state resident, the Application for In-State Status Classification must be completely accomplished.  It is also encouraged that the guidelines for residency be carefully reviewed and understood.

  1. Are transcripts from other schools attended required even if they are not related to the field of nursing?

The admission procedures of the university require all applicants to submit the transcripts from all the schools that they have attended prior to their application to UMSON.  This means that it does not matter if applicants have taken just a few courses from the school, or the degree that they have attained has completely nothing to do with their pursuit for a nursing profession.

In the same manner that failure to disclose all educational institutions that were attended by applicants prior to the university can have significant effects.  In fact, omitting information about prior schools attended regardless whether accidental or intentional can jeopardize the status of the application.  The application will be considered by the admissions office as incomplete, and can be used as a basis for denial of application. 

Normally, information is requested from the SIMS (Student Information Management System) to verify that everything has been listed in the application.

  1. Can military applicants request for priority review of their applications?

Normally, members of the military who want to take advantage of the programs of the University of Maryland School of Nursing may ask for a review of their application prior to the deadline period.  It is important though that the request be made in writing and specify the exact date when it would be convenient to receive the notification.  This is part of the courtesy extended to members of the military because of their unpredictable circumstances.

It is also entirely possible for applicants who are members of the military to be considered and classified for an in-state status.  Applicants from the military from the military are advised to get in touch with the records and registration department of the university.

  1. Is it possible to simply send the required documents via email?

All applications for the School of Nursing may send in all the required documents for their application to the email address of the admissions office of the university.  It is important for applicants to ensure that their names are included in the statement of goals and objectives before it is sent to the university. 

Nursing license and resume can also be sent via email.  All recommendation letters should be from the person responsible for writing them and must contain the job title, place of employment, current address of employer, and contact number of the recommender.

Applicants must be aware that all the documents required by the university from every applicant should be sent immediately after the online application has been completed, and the corresponding fees have been paid.  Otherwise, applicants are encouraged to hold on to their documents until these two conditions have been met.

These are important questions that need to be addressed and understood by every applicant to the School of Nursing.  All of these questions can help increase the chances of applicants to be admitted into the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

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