Type of Stetoscope Realistic for a Medical Care Assistant

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Medical Care assistants are these health care professionals who work alongside the doctors and physicians and nurses in the varied health care settings such as hospital, clinics, nursing homes, long term care facilities and other settings. Their job responsibilities include both administrative work as well as clinical settings.

Their training program prepares them for clinical settings but students are also trained in foundational knowledge and skills for administrative works and non clinical settings such as records and data maintenance and management, acquiring patient history, handling of the bills and others. 

The training program curriculum includes instructions on anatomy and physiology, medical terminology along with clinical procedures as well as administrative works. The clinical training includes gaining knowledge and skill on laboratory techniques, clinical and diagnostic procedures, first aid, pharmaceutical and medication.

The clinical part of the training prepares Medical assistant to assist physician’s and nurses in treatment procedures, preparing patients for examinations, counseling them on treatments, counting and measuring vital signs, drawing bloods and others.

It must also be understood that measuring vitals are very important part of the treatment procedures for finding out the ailments of the patients. The process for counting and measuring vitals are conducted through Stethoscope, which is also closely associated with the medical assistants and nurses for listening heartbeat and breathing of the patients. The health condition of the patient can easily be ascertained by the use of a stethoscope. 

The Medical Assistants are trained in the use of the different Type of Stethoscopes during their clinical and lab trainings. The different Type of Stethoscope Realistic for a Medical Care Assistant includes:

  • Acoustic stethoscope
  • Electronic stethoscope (or stethophone)
  • Recording stethoscopes
  • Fetal stethoscope

Acoustic stethoscopes - allows transmission of sound through piece placed on the chest, through air-filled hollow tubes to the ear of Medical assistant, nurse or a doctor through two sides a diaphragm and a vacant cup for eavesdropping. Such stethoscopes are most commonly used for listening the sound of heart or lungs.

An electronic stethoscope (or stethophone) - is a electronic digital stethoscope overcomes the low sound levels by automatically and electronically intensifying body sounds. The nurse aides and medical assistants are mostly provided with these stethophones. Blood pressure measurement is also performed by electronic stethoscope, using it together with sphygmomanometer.

The types of stethoscope used by the medical assistants depend upon the types of health care setting they are working and getting trained in the different Type of Stethoscope Realistic for a Medical Care Assistant is essential for finding out the overall health condition of the patients.

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