Starting CNA School

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A certified nursing assistant (or CNA) has a very important and challenging role to play while taking care of patients in the hospital. The job of a CNA is to perform various tasks under the supervision of Registered Nurse. With a rising demand of certified nursing assistants due to increasing population in the country, one can think of starting CNA School and earning good profit.

Some important instructions have to be followed while starting a school for CNA because it involves a huge risk to deal with medical industry and health services. The instructions are as follows:

  • The most important thing to start an institution is money. Proper finance is needed in order to establish good quality CNA school. If there appears to be a shortage in start – up funds, some funding can be available from state government through grants. Monetary help can also be asked from private foundations or individual donors.
  • Another important factor is physical location or a site where the CNA school needs to be established. The CNA school needs a physical location for administrative offices, classrooms and labs. The location or site should be purchased or arranged on lease depending upon the funds available.
  • Proper staff should be employed for a CNA school. The trainers should have current license as a registered nurse in state. The trainers should also have a good experience in long – term care facility. If necessary, they should attend training of how to teach in a nurse aide class. The same requirements are mandatory for director or coordinator of institution.
  • Other important requirements to start a CNA school include writing the school’s curriculum, establishing procedures and policies, application for accreditation and arrangement of necessary equipments for the school.

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