South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry

Desiring to become a registered nursing aide from South Dakota, then according to the centralized and state by laws, an individual employed as a nursing aide by any of the nursing and medical care establishment in South Dakota should be well educated and certified. State recognized nurse aide examination will equip you for clearing the certified nursing assistant examination and acquiring an official recognition as a nursing assistant.

Passing the state nursing aide exam will make you qualified to get yourself registered and listed on the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry, a record having vital information about all the individuals competent to effort as nursing assistants all over the state. Probable employers are required to analyze the rank of a nursing aide registered or listed on the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. The South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry permits timely renewal of a nursing assistant certification for both an active and inactive nurturing aides. No additional fee is necessitated for the revitalization of a nurture aide certificate. Persons functioning as a CNA in South Dakota must contact the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry and appeal for the further information and facts on transmission of certificate.