Salary of LPN

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LPN stands for licensed practical nurse, also known as licensed vocational nurse (LVN). A licensed practical nurse is a person who takes care of sick, injured or disabled. They are known for their caring and sympathetic nature in hospitals and nursing homes. They perform a wide range of tasks under a doctor or Registered Nurse.

A licensed practical nurse has to undergo a year of study and training at a hospital or a community college. After getting a nursing degree through a state approved program, candidates have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination, to obtain a license to practice nursing. Initial tuition costs may start from $2000 but can vary in different schools. Some schools also offer financial aids and grants to help candidates in their education. Once certified, the LPN has to perform various tasks such as assisting patients in bathing and showering, helping in dressing them, going to bathroom etc. But, they can’t perform serious tasks such as anesthesia induction and surgery.

As the hospitals are becoming busier due to rising population, there is an urgent increase in their demand. Because of that, the salary scale of the licensed practice nurses is becoming better. Nowadays, the average annual LPN salary is around $33920 and $47220. The salary may vary according to the experience and work location. It can be seen that, LPNs can earn around $42300 per annum in nursing homes, $39980 per annum in hospitals, and $36770 per annum at physician offices. The salary range of LPNs can also vary according to different states and cities. For example, in Boston, Massachusetts, the salary scale can be around $35483 to $48848 while in Yamhill, Oregon it’s around  $31000 to $45000.

It can be said that, those who have decided to build up their career in medical services, LPN is a good option to start – off with as it involves taking basic care of patients with an handsome salary to earn with.

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