Private Duty CNA Jobs

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Who are Private Duty CNAs? Private Duty nurse aides can be defined as these nurse assistants who have completed state and OBRA-87 approved 75 hours or more nurse aide training programs and passed the CNA Certification exam earning certification and, provides everyday routine and direct cares to the patients from their homes.

Factors Responsible for Private Duty CNA Employments

There are various reasons that can be cited for the need of the private duty nurse aide caring services including:

  • Hospitals and other health care facilities release the patients after few days after treatments but patients who are seriously ill or suffering from injuries, chronicle and acute ailments and diseases, need long term cares and recouping of their health. They may require many days and months to recover fully, compelling them to stay at home to recoup their health and strength.
  • The elderly patient needs constant long term cares and mental health cares.
  • Some patients suffer from full or partial physical disabilities or impairments including both congenital and acquired disabilities and needs constant care to meet their daily living activities.
  • The hectic busy office and everyday life do not allow individuals and family member to visit their close ones regularly at the long term care facility or nursing homes due to the lack of time and busy schedules.
  • Admitting patients for long in the nursing homes cost very high and can not be afforded by everybody and they search for the health cares that can cost less and save them nursing home care money.

All these factors have greatly influenced the steady growth and demand for Private duty CNAs to care patients from home.

Private Duty CNA Job Duties

The basic and primary duties performed by the private duty nurse aide include:

  • Provide Nutrition and healthy diet
  • Look after safety and infection control.
  • Meet the daily living activities of the patient
  • Assisting in the movements of the patients through walking or wheel chair and answer light calls.
  • Count, measure and record vital signs, liquid intake and output.
  • Administer medications, injections, water and glucose.
  • Maintain a nursing chart and record the vitals.
  • Reporting the everyday condition of the patient to RN or Physician.
  • Clean rooms and change the bed covers.
  • Provide mental and emotional support to patient and families, and form strong mental and emotional bonds with them.
  • If require perform some house keeping and cook foods with balanced diet and nutrition as directed by the physician.
  • Assist patient in exercises and supervise their exercising.
  • Cleaning and bandaging the wounds and perform massages and therapeutic therapies.
  • Maintain Privacy and confidentiality of the patient, and respect their independence and rights.
  • Assist patients in writing and reading if required
  • Meet the spiritual and cultural need of the patient.
  • Additional Duties

In addition, you must also bear compassionate nature, humble behavior, excellent communication skills and resilience.

Private Duty CNA Job Salaries

As a private duty nurse aide you can easily earn $23,000 to $34,000 depending upon the state you are working, education and certification, work experience, shift hours, job location and types of the place you are working.

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