Private Duty CNA Jobs in Maryland

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Why the state of Maryland is termed as the most ideal place for Private Duty Nurse Aide Jobs? There are various reasons that can be cited for the Private Duty CNA Jobs in Maryland including:

  • With a total population of 5,773,552 as on 2010 MD ranked 19th in the United States.
  • The density of around 545/sq mi, ranks MD 5th nationally.
  • The Median income of around $69,000 ranks it 1st in the US. The higher median income shows affluence among the citizens who can employ and pay better for nursing cares jobs.
  • Greater population shows increased number of ageing population needing constant long term cares from Private Duty CNAs.

In addition, the state is also passing through the acute nursing shortages that have also created increased demand for qualified nursing personnel including nurse aides. And, as the hospitals and other health care facilities are unable to keep patients for more than few days, it has become necessary to employ Private Duty CNA to care patients, who are injured or suffering from acute and chronicle ailments or diseases and released from the hospitals after treatments and are recouping their health at their home.

Even, elderly patients, suffering from mental and emotional problems and disorders due to their age factor need constant long term care to meet their daily living activities at their homes. Some patients may be suffering from physical disabilities or impairments including both congenital and acquired disabilities that interfere with their routine activities also need assistance of private duty CNA and families to meet their everyday routine of daily living activities.

These are the important reasons for the steady growth of Private Duty CNA Jobs in Maryland.

But, it is also true that to avail these Private Duty nurse aide jobs, you must be qualified, educated and trained, and gain competent knowledge and skills to offer safe and quality care to these patients from home.

In Maryland, the required knowledge and skills for your private duty CNA Jobs can be obtained through classroom course instruction and clinical hands-on experience of 100 hours, state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training programs. You must also pass the state CNA certification exam offered by the Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant Testing Service (MDGNATS) through the Susquehanna Red Cross that can get you certified and provide licensing to work as a Private Duty CNA.

Private Duty CNA Jobs Duties in Maryland

As a Private duty CNA, you are required to execute various types of duties and responsibilities including:

  • Meeting the daily living activities of the patient.
  • Personal Cares such as bathing, grooming, feeding, dressing and undressing, and assisting in the movements of the patients through walking or wheel chair and answer light calls.
  • Basic Nursing Cares
  • Mental cares by providing mental and emotional support to patient and families.
  • Safety & Infection Control
  • Emergency Cares and CPR
  • Restorative Cares
  • Keep an eye on Nutrition and Healthy Diet
  • Perform some house keepings and cook meals for the patient.
  • Report the everyday condition of the patient to RN or Physician.
  • Maintain a chart and record the vital medical information of the patient under your care.
  • Additional Duties

Private Duty CNA Jobs Salaries in Maryland

As a private duty nurse aide, you can easily earn a salary of $23,000 to $34,000 annually.

You must also remember that as a Private Duty nurse aide in Maryland, you must possess compassionate nature, amicable behavior, humble nature, resilience, stamina and must be physically fit.

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