Why NYS Department of Health wants to deny CNA employment?

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As per the regulations of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, 1987, the candidate has to go through a CNA program to become a nursing aide. The students of New York State also have to join CNA program approved by the New York State Department of Health. A quick reminder, a certified nursing aide is a qualified person responsible for taking care of patients in hospitals and other care facilities.

There come many times when lots of certified nursing aides think that why NYS Department of Health wants to deny CNA employment? It can be elaborated as to for what reasons the New York state denies their employment. There can be many answers by the New York state regarding these denials and they include, the failure of criminal background check by the nursing aides, the nursing aide proved of felony charges according to the penal law, not meeting the proper terms and conditions for being a certified nursing aide and others.

The nursing aides are also not allowed to practice if their license is lapsed and they haven’t renewed for a long time. It is mandatory for the nursing aides to renew their licenses every two years for practicing continuously. They have to apply for renewal of their licenses to the New York State Nurse Aide Registry. The state nurse aide registry may not approve their renewal if they think the candidate has been indulged in malpractices, they haven’t fulfilled the job according to the desired ethics or practices and lots others.

So, we can see there are really strict measures followed by the New York State for their certified nursing aides, and they really deny their employment if don’t practice their job ethically.

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