Nursing Schools in Wisconsin

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If you are a local resident of the Wisconsin state and finding it difficult to obtain satisfying employments due to the recent economic slow down and economic crisis, you can take admission in the Nursing Schools in Wisconsin and obtain diploma, degree, certificate or certification that can provide you entry level to advance level nursing positions with lucrative salary.

Factors Responsible for Completing WI nursing programs

There are various beneficial reasons that can be cited for enrolling in the WI nursing schools and they include:

  • WI borders many important states of the US.
  • The state locates various densely populated metropolitan areas, cities and urban centers such as Greater Milwaukee area, Green Bay, Jackson, Gulfport, Middleton, Hattiesburg, Madison and Milwaukee that offer greater nursing employment opportunities to qualified nurses.
  • Many reputed, big and small, and ranking hospitals and health clinics such as Meriter Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Gunderson Lutheran Health System and Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center are located in the state.
  • Majority Service sector offer negligible employments and the unemployment rate have reached to 7.8% as per Local Area Unemployment Statistics Chart of the American Labor Statistics for Wisconsin.
  • The current phase of nursing shortages for entry level and advance practice nurses in the United States including WI.

All these factors are urging more and more individuals to build their career in the nursing field by completing nursing programs that can earn them diplomas, degrees, certificates and certifications for LPN, RN and APRN, and easy employments.

WI Nursing Programs

The various types of programs offered by the Nursing Schools in Wisconsin include undergraduate and graduate level programs such as:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

  • Masters in Nursing (MSN)
  • RN to BSN
  • RN to MSN
  • Accelerate Nursing programs
  • Second Degree BSN
  • Associate Degree
  • LPN to ADN
  • Direct Entry MSN
  • PhD in Nursing
  • Additional programs

Important Nursing Schools in Wisconsin

The important Nursing Schools in Wisconsin offering accredited and approved graduate and undergraduate programs include:

  • UWM’s College of Nursing
  • Edgewood College
  • Herzing University
  • University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
  • Alverno College –Milwaukee
  • Bellin College of Nursing
  • Blackhawk Technical College
  • Cardinal Stritch University
  • Carroll University
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Oshkosh, University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Madison, Oshkosh)

The approvals to these schools are granted by the WI Board of Nursing and accreditation is awarded by any of the nationally recognized accreditation agencies such as National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Financial Benefits

In order to meet the continuous nursing shortages and to fill up the vacant positions, the state authorities are also offering various financial aids and assistances including grants and scholarships such as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin Nursing Scholarships and the Wisconsin Medical Society General Medical Education Scholarship and others to qualified and deserving students.

You can also enroll in an accredited and approved nursing school for earning different credentials that can provide you sustainable to higher incomes for comfortable livings.

Healthcare is becoming an important industry in the mid-western state of Wisconsin. The demand for competent and skilled nurses in particular has increased in the past few years as other business industries have flourished across the state. Population growth also contributes to the need for more nurses in Wisconsin.

Registered nurses are considered to be integral in the delivery and management of health care, thus basic salary rates and compensation are far greater when compared alongside other healthcare subspecialties. If you live in Wisconsin and is seriously looking into becoming an important member of the healthcare industry, enrolling in a nursing school is undeniably your first step towards bright career opportunities.

There are plenty of educational establishments that offer nursing in Wisconsin; from top universities, community colleges, and specialty nursing schools. Although there is an obvious shortage of nurses in the State of Wisconsin, it is good news that more schools are offering nursing courses recently. There are a variety of nursing programs that prospective students can choose from:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (4 years)
  • Associate’s Degree in Nursing (2 years)
  • Accelerated Nursing Program (1 year)
  • Certificate Nursing Program (1 year)

A bachelor’s degree in nursing offers the most comprehensive and extensive nursing curriculum. It includes the completion of general education subjects in the classroom setting. Also basic and advanced medical courses are also taught during the latter part of the curriculum. In addition to classroom teaching, nursing students are also exposed to laboratory and field nursing classes. On the job training starts as early as 2nd year of taking up a four-year nursing program.

An associate’s degree is becoming increasingly popular among those that want to start a nursing career right away. College students that would like to shift to nursing are more likely to take up an associate’s degree since they already have taken up general education subjects in their previous courses. Once employed as LPN and LVN, they can already practice basic nurse roles and responsibilities. An accelerated nursing program is then taken up by associate’s degree graduates in order for them to become eligible to take up registered nurse certification exams.

Certificate nursing programs on the other hand are taken up by those who are already working in the health care industry. In order to grow and shift careers quickly, allied health care members enroll in online certificate programs. Finishing a certificate course online is accepted in most health care institutions provided that the organization or school offering the said program is duly-accredited by professional nursing organizations operating in Wisconsin such as the Wisconsin Board of Nursing.

Aside from the basic nursing educational programs, nursing schools in Wisconsin also offer both master’s and doctoral nursing programs to registered nurses. Enrolling in advanced nursing courses open doors to benefits such as:

  • better salary rates
  • promising professional growth
  • opportunities to teach in nursing schools
  • create research materials for the nursing profession

Master’s and PhD programs usually take a year or two to complete. Once a professional nurse has taken up all the units prescribed to complete either a master’s or a doctoral degree, he may not start applying for bigger responsibilities at work.

Nursing Scholarship Programs in Wisconsin

To encourage more people in enrolling in any of the mentioned nursing programs, nursing professional organizations, hospitals, and the State of Wisconsin offer a variety of financial aid and scholarship programs. Discounts and scholarship grants are awarded to deserving applicants. Students with outstanding academic records can apply and will most likely be granted financial aid.

Here is a list of organizations that are offering financial aid and scholarship to deserving nursing students in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin League for Nursing
  • Blue Cross or Blue Shield Nursing Scholarship
  • Wisconsin League for Nursing High Scholl Senior Award
  • Wisconsin Higher Educational Aid Nursing Student Loan Program

Universities and community colleges also place financial aid and scholarship grants for those who are looking into reducing their overall educational expenses. Those with good academic standing can take advantage of their school’s respective grants and scholarship programs as this will substantially reduce your financial worry while schooling.

Top Nursing Schools in Wisconsin

  • University of Wisconsin- Madison

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is included in the top 50 nursing schools in the US. It offers a wide array of nursing programs such as:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • PhD
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Master of Public Health

University of Wisconsin in Madison specializes in nursing subspecialties such as pain and symptom management, workforce development, complementary and alternative therapies, long term care, and healthcare informatics.

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College

If you would like to fast track your nursing career, the Milwaukee Area Technical College offers a plethora of associate and certificate training courses. You can complete a whole associate’s degree coursework in as little as two years. Milwaukee Area Technical College is duly-accredited by prestigious professional nursing organizations that operate within the state.

  • Registered Nursing- Associate of Applied Science
  • LPN-RN Educational Progression in Associate Degree
  • Nursing Assistant Technical Diploma
  • Practical Nursing Technical Diploma

A combination of hands-on skills coursework and classroom training is facilitated by skilled and competent clinical instructors that work in prestigious medical institutions in and around Wisconsin.

Accredited nursing programs are also offered in the following nursing schools in Wisconsin:

  • Cardinal Stritch University
  • Bellin College
  • Carroll University
  • Concordia University- Wisconsin
  • Columbia College of Nursing

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