Nursing Schools in Virginia

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            Nursing schools along the South Atlantic state are in no shortage, if you are planning on launching your nursing career there. Virginia has plenty of opportunities, both in education and in career paths, provided you are willing to put in the work. You will have plenty of choices when you move here, and if you know all the right places to look. Ask a friend, or call up your local government office when you get there!

            Plenty of legal hurdles will be in your way as you sprint headlong to your nursing career goals. From the time you are admitted into a reputable nursing school in Virginia, to the day you pass the NCLEX, there will be plenty enough to keep you busy, let alone if you are already holding a job as a nurse. Keep your head on a swivel as you hammer along a busy nursing lifestyle; you might have a long way to go!

Nursing In Virginia

            To become a registered nurse, you’re going to have to worry about more than just making it out of a four-year course alive. Along with college courses, job hunting, and plenty of restless nights in between, you’re going to come across plenty of other legal matters that might prove to be a headache. Being such a heavily-regulated profession no matter where you go, this should be expected.

            You will probably run into the Virginia Board of Nursing sooner or later. Responsible for issuing licenses, collecting fees, and generally everything involving the legal aspect of your nursing lifestyle, paying your dues should be done promptly and concisely. It will certainly make the rest of your life as a nurse easier!

            Making your life as a nurse easier can involve getting to know other fellow nurses. The Virginia Nurse’s Association can be just your ticket to knowing your peers. Offering chances at continuing education, potential career opportunities, and plenty of other activities which promote workforce advocacy, you’ll find plenty to love about the nursing lifestyle here.

            If you are a student who is starting out with nursing in Virginia, then pay the Virginia Nursing Students’ Association. Offering a myriad of benefits, such as community projects, scholarships, and maybe even financial assistance, membership into this group might prove useful while you are still struggling as a student.

            Other regulatory boards might also be of service, if you plan to take up a particular field of specialization as a nurse. The Virginia Department of Health Professions covers a variety of other health care related occupations, such as pharmacists, optometrists, social workers, among other common medical jobs.

            Now that you are familiar with the organization that can help you familiarize Virginia’s nursing and health care situation, it might finally be time to look for a proper school. What does the Old Dominion have in store for you and your nursing aspirations?

Some Nursing Schools in Virginia

            There are quite a few places to get a proper education in nursing while you’re in Virginia. Community Colleges, Universities, and even health care facilities like hospitals can offer their own home-grown brand of nursing lessons just for you. If you are still on the fence about it, then here’s a list to help you narrow down your decision:

  • Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing – As a dedicated school for healthcare and medical-related fields of expertise, you will be in good hands when you take up nursing in this particular school.
  • University of Virginia – The Wise College branch of this prestigious Virginia institution offers bachelor’s degrees for those seeking to take up nursing. A shot at the NCLEX is standard in this course. In addition to the degree program, registered nurses with diplomas may also take up associates degrees.
  • George Mason University – GMU’s College of Health and Human Services offers a full nursing course that has been named one of US News’ Best Graduate Programs. Experience their award-winning undergraduate and Master’s degree courses when you enroll here!
  • Marymount University – MU offers bachelor’s degrees and graduate courses in the science of nursing. Be part of the school’s ever-growing alumni as you experience both the lectures and hands-on training that make this school so great.
  • Old Dominion University – Sporting the colloquial name of the state, ODU’s College of Health and Sciences offer students a chance to become registered nurses through their unique Nursing program. Undergraduates, graduates, licensed nurses and degree holders are free to apply.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University – Located in Richmond, the VCU school of nursing doesn’t just offer degree courses; immersion in hospitals and health care projects around the world are part of your opportunities here. Experience nursing at ground zero, and you might find yourself in a nursing career far-flung from your typical hospital!

            Of course, you will certainly be able to acquire an odd, yet exciting nursing job on your own merits if you set your mind to it. Get the most out of your education regardless; many of the things you should truly learn are not found in the classroom, but on the job!

            Experience will trump any book if you are dedicated enough to the profession. That said, you will have plenty of time to trade in your books after you pass the dreaded NCLEX. Virginia is ripe with nursing opportunities after your education in a proper school, after all!

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