Nursing Schools in Texas

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The high availability of nursing jobs in Texas is impressive. Despite recent recession and slow economic progress, the health care industry in the State of Texas demands for more nurses than ever before. The vast land area, economy, and population of Texas have prompted learning institutions to launch nursing schools and programs for undergraduates and nursing professionals.

It is projected that the demand for registered nurses in Texas will be consistently high in the next twenty years. An entry-level nurse who passed state-required licensure and eligibility examinations earn an estimated $66,000 per annum. When compared alongside other careers; medical or otherwise, nurses who work in Texas enjoy bigger salary rates and comprehensive job benefits.

Individuals who would like to take on a challenging and fulfilling career should seriously consider enrolling in a nursing school. There are endless possibilities and future career advancement in the health care industry that nurses in Texas can take full advantage of. Entering the health care industry as nurse professional might be your first step towards financial success and personal career fulfillment.

Of course, the first thing that an interested nurse applicant needs to do is look for a nursing school in Texas that can deliver quality education, sufficient training, and state-of-the-art facilities. These three factors are very important when looking for a nursing school to enroll in. Success in finding jobs are more likely for students who are able to graduate from accredited and highly-esteemed nursing schools in Texas. Here is a list of the top 4 nursing schools in the State of Texas. Although there are literally hundreds of universities and colleges that offer nursing programs to undergraduates and professionals, these four learning institutions will provide you with leverage when seeking employment in hospitals and major health care institutions.

  • University of Texas- Houston

The University of Texas Health Science in Houston is ranked as one of the top 20 nursing schools in the country. It has full accreditation from esteemed organizations such as the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, Texas Board of Nursing, and Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education. Excellence, caring, and collaboration are the main pillars of this school’s nursing programs. The university is known for its cutting-edge and revolutionary nursing practices and vast knowledge base, thus producing world-class nursing professionals.

The University of Texas in Houston offers five basic nursing programs. Undergraduate students can prepare for a bright future by enrolling in their 4-year comprehensive Nursing course. Nursing professionals on the other hand can further their knowledge and prepare for bigger and more challenging leadership positions by taking up MSN and other post Master’s educational programs as well. Lastly, the university offers doctoral programs, namely DNP and PhD programs are provided to nursing professionals who would like to impart more knowledge to the health care profession through clinical research and administrative work.

From the essentials to the most advanced sets of knowledge, work ethics, and skills the University of Texas in Houston is more than able to offer all these strengths to its undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Texas Women’s University- Denton

If you want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from a prominent nursing school, this is where you should be enrolling. Texas Women’s University is one of the oldest schools in the state which offers a plethora of nursing programs for first-time college students and professionals who would like to pursue bigger nursing responsibilities in the health care industry. The school is known to have the highest population of nursing students mainly due to the high standard of education that the university is world-famous for.
Texas Women’s University in Denton has flexible nursing courses and educational programs that fit the need of various individuals who would like to pursue a career in nursing. It is proud to have a remarkable GPA of 4.0 making it one of the most competitive nursing schools in the US.

  • Baylor University- Waco

Baylor University offers 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in nursing to the best and the brightest nurse hopefuls in the State of Texas. Its admission requirements and examinations are very strict, thus ensuring the finest breed of nursing graduates after finishing their 4-year nursing curriculum. In order to become eligible enrollees for the university’s 4-year nursing program, an applicant should first complete 66 hours of taking up prerequisites in their school system. For prospective enrollees who have excellent GPA score, admission to the School of Nursing will be painstakingly difficult as the succeeding screening examinations are intended to test all of their learning faculties that will eventually assist them in becoming experts in the health care industry.
Aside from the generic Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Baylor University also offers graduate and Master’s degree for current nursing professionals and subspecialty nursing programs for registered nurses who want to specialize in various fields of nursing.

  • Texas Christian University-Fort Worth

From BSN to MSN programs, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth has got all the nursing programs for aspiring high school graduates and nursing personnel as well. Texas Christian University prides itself for having the most solid and trusted partnerships with major health care institutions in the State of Texas. This makes it possible for its students to learn more both in the classroom setting and clinical setting.
The university also offers accelerated nursing programs, making it possible for students to be employed by the biggest hospitals in the country. They feature the best faculty team and are geared towards promoting the latest nursing practices for students to follow too! The combination of solid partnerships and cutting-edge nursing concepts make Texas Christian University in Fort Worth one of the best nursing schools in the country.

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