Nursing Schools in Rhode Islands

Rhode Island is a small state that is found in the eastern part of the United States. The city is commonly referred to as the ocean state in reference to the large area that of the state that is bordered by the sea.  It shares some of this with New York’s Long Island.  The state is one of the smallest states with one among the highest population density in the United States.

This state is also among the first thirteen states that initiated the formation of the United States.  The state like most parts of America is facing a nursing shortage and this has led to a high employment rate for those who wish to take up nursing. The largest employer in the state is Rhode Island Hospital. The hospital is a trauma I center which means there is need for all type of nurses and you will always have a challenging environment that will let you gain a lot more hands experience.  The state is also blessed with beautiful scenery that nature lovers will fall in love with. Rhode Island has a few accredited institutions that offer nursing programs.

For those who would like to take a bachelors degree in nursing then you have the option of studying at Rhode Island College in Providence. The college had the highest pass rate amongst those who did their registered nursing exam from the institution. The pass rate was ninety three percent.  The institution has accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the CCNE in short. This is an autonomous accrediting agency that is meant to ensure that the baccalaureate, graduate among other nursing programs are of the right quality. You also have the University of Rhode Island in Kingston which had a pass rate of slightly less than ninety percent in the 2010 National Council Licensure Examinations or the NCLEX in short. The NCLEX is a statutory exam that one has to take before being registered as a nurse in all states.  You also have the option of enrolling for the program at Salve Regina   University in Newport which had a pass rate of above eighty percent. The institutions programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission or NLNAC in short which is affiliated with the National League for Nursing or NLN in short.

For those who wish to take an associate degree in nursing in Rhode Island you have the option of studying at the Community College of Rhode Island. This is the only institution of the four accredited institutions in Rhode Island that will offer you an associate’s degree. The college is accredited by the NLNAC.  It has campuses in four different areas of the state which make it convenient for you. These are in Lincoln, Newport, Providence as well as in Warwick. Rhode Island has a lot of opportunities for those who take up nursing as a career with the state having a number of incentives for those who wish to take up nursing. These include scholarships as well as other types of financial aids.