Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania

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            Penn State is where you’ll find plenty of shots at nursing schools and job opportunities. Located in the Northeastern United States, perhaps the geographical location lends itself to the relatively strong nursing culture in the state. You will find no shortage of places to get a proper education, not to mention plenty of chances to immerse yourself in an actual hospital setting as you learn. Take a gander at what the state has to offer you!

            You’ll also end up running into the many government regulatory boards and nursing associations as you build up your career in nursing. While you may groan in agony as you dismiss any dealings with these organizations as mere chores, they may be more useful than you think. Knowing what each and every government office and nursing association can do for you might even make your life a little easier.

Nursing in Pennsylvania

            Before beginning your career as a nurse in Pennsylvania, you’ll have to get all of that paperwork and legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way. Learning how to deal with the organizations that regulate and oversee the nursing scene in your state is the key to a relatively hassle-free career. Who knows; you might even reap some tax benefits later on.

            First and foremost, the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing is the primary oversight board. Like in other states, this Board of Nursing handles the issuance of licenses, renewals, and helpful consumer information about the state’s health care situation. Information about local laws will also come in handy when you have to deal with the ‘Board.

            If getting a nurse’s point of view is important to you, then the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association will be a go-to. Membership in this organization will connect you to a state-wide network of nurses, and allows you to access plenty of opportunities. Chances at continuing education, career opportunities, and plenty more are available.

            Being a student can be tough, especially when you’re taking up nursing. Luckily, Pennsylvania has its own Student Nurses’ Association, which currently has over 5,000 members across the state. With a voice that is heard by Pennsylvania’s nursing industry, members will have no problem tapping into the association for extracurricular activities, job opportunities, scholarships, and much more.

            Doing your own leg work counts a lot when you plan to be successful at your nursing career. Knowing where to look past the usual places can unlock even more potential for your chosen profession. Don’t stop at the many organizations and nursing associations available to you; find more information on the internet, at your local libraries, or from fellow nurse friends.

            Now that you think you have what it takes to get into the Pennsylvania nursing scene, let’s have a look at the many schools available to you. Depending on your requirements from an educational institution, as well as your goals as a nurse, you should decide for yourself on which school is right for you.

Schools in Pennsylvania

            Luckily, you have a lot of schools to choose from when you decide to take up nursing here in Penn State. Not only to the bulk of these schools offer lectures in typical classroom environments, but you also have a chance to gain real, practical experience at partner hospitals! This quick reference list should provide good places to get started:

  • Alvernia University – With roots in traditional Franciscan heritage, students at Alvernia will be able to take up nursing with ethical values instilled from the get-go. The Nursing program here has been taught since 1977, and is accredited by the CCNE and the Penn State Board of Nursing.
  • Eastern Christian University – Steeped in Christian Faith, this university was established in 1925 as a seminary. You’ll learn the spiritual side of nursing here, giving you an ethical edge over competing schools.
  • Drexel University – This school’s College of Nursing and Health Professions dates as far back as 1890. The education you will get at Drexel is hardly outdated, and even includes immersions in real hospitals to put you at the bleeding edge of medical technology.
  • York College of Pennsylvania – Raking 9th in US News’ Great Schools, Great Prices list, your nursing course may cost up to 50% less at York College. Plenty of opportunities for on-the-job training and post-graduation employment are plentiful for after you finish schooling, too.
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology – For over 25 years, PIHT has offered small classes for bigger learning opportunities. Small class sizes also ensure that your lessons, and hands-on training sessions aren’t diluted by crowded classrooms and learning environments.
  • Pennsylvania State University – The Penn State School of Nursing offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Nurses who are already hold licenses can also receive continuing education here, while people dedicated to the profession can even earn a PhD.

            Getting an education, especially one that is worthwhile, can sometimes mean the difference between finding your career as a nurse, or ending up unemployed. Whether or not you plan to take a full course or not, your profession will always be what you make of it. Work hard enough, and you might not even need a full degree to break into the nursing circuit! That said, a good nursing school in Pennsylvania might be what it takes to instill the value of hard work in you.

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