Nursing Schools in Oregon

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There are numerous training programs that are being offered by nursing schools in Oregon that can lead to substantial earnings for the candidates.  Some of the programs that have been approved by the OSBN can also be used to increase the earning potentials of current nurses.  With the possibility of becoming Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, or Licensed Nurse Practitioner among others, candidates can choose the career path to follow based on the benefits and compensation package they want.

It is therefore important to be aware which of the training programs being offered by the nursing schools in Oregon can lead to the realization of these career goals.  Definitely, it is important to be aware that approval of any nursing education program can be withdrawn if it fails to deliver the expected standards outlined by governing bodies.  This means that candidates expecting to utilize any of the following nursing professions should expect strict and rigorous training from the nursing institutions.

  1. Management for Registered Nurses

The graduates of this management degree program can expect to be eligible for various leadership roles in healthcare facilities.  This is in fact one of the more popular choices for both health and medical services management.  The managers that are produced are also sometimes referred to as healthcare executives or healthcare administrators. They normally represent the upper managerial level of many healthcare organizations.

Successful candidates can expect an annual salary of $80,240 on the average based on figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is a growing field in the nursing profession that delivers excellent opportunities for Registered Nurses to pursue more fruitful careers and expand with the industry.  With advancements in technology, it is perceived that more health and medical services managers will be in demand in the near future for the adequate delivery of patient services.

  1. Healthcare Management

Another one of the emerging fields in the nursing profession, many nursing schools in Oregon are offering training programs that will allow nurses to take advantage of this promising field.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that employment in this field of the healthcare industry can grow by as much as 16% by 2018, which means that nurses that capitalize on it today can be at the top tier by that time.

The training allows for specialization in the field of hospital administration and medical office management among others.  A rewarding career can be expected on the long-term with annual salaries expected to go beyond $80,000 and rising gradually as the industry begins to expand.

  1. Medical Assistant

The nursing schools in Oregon offer Medical Assistant Degree programs to eligible candidates to allow them to work in different opportunities in the healthcare industry.  Some of the graduates become adequately prepared to take on the responsibilities of administrative work in the area of clinical healthcare.  Administrative medical assistants usually assist with the updating and filing of medical records of patients.

Other responsibilities that can be expected include billing, bookkeeping, appointment scheduling, and other similar administrative duties.  They are also expected to handle more hands-on clinical practice like basic laboratory testing, drawing of blood, preparing of patients for x-ray, and changing of dressings among others.  Statistics show the average annual salary is $28,300 with corresponding increase to the 34% expected growth of the field by 2018.

  1. Medical Office Administration

Graduates of this training program can become eligible for employment opportunities in various administrative and management positions in different healthcare facilities in the country.  There is no question that they are equipped to handle positions like medical office assistant, medical administrative assistant, administrative assistant, and patient representative among others. 

Many of the graduates can also excel in the healthcare industry by handling administrative office procedures, operating computerized medical office software, and processing of health insurance.  The median salary for graduates of Medical Office Administration programs can expect anywhere from $21,989 to $31,245 and is expected to rise within the next couple of years base on demand.

  1. Healthcare Administration

The candidates of this training program are usually employed as health services administrator in various healthcare facilities.  The healthcare administrators that complete the training the programs from nursing schools in Oregon are also known as health and medical services managers in some areas of the healthcare industry.  This position is being touted by industry experts as having one of the most promising outlooks in the next couple of years.

The expansion that is currently being experienced by healthcare facilities is one of the bases for the projected increase in the demand for healthcare administrators in the United States.  Many of the graduates of this training program receive $80,000 annual salary on the average, but can be more depending on the actual working environment.

  1. Health Services Management

Leadership and administrative roles seem to be the main focus of this training program in relation to the demands of the healthcare industry.  Considered as one of the most common career path alternatives for many nursing graduates, it allows them to take on the position of health or medical services manager or more commonly known as healthcare executive or even healthcare administrator.

Graduates get the chance to apply what they have learned and trained for during the degree program.  With annual average salaries going well beyond expected industry standards, many will benefit from the projected positive employment growth the industry will hit by 2018.  With a projected 16% demand growth, many are encouraged to take advantage of the rapid expansion this area of the healthcare industry is expected to undergo.

  1. Allied Health Science

Currently, about 200 different allied health professionals exist in the healthcare system.  Every one of them benefit from varying salary ranges depending on the type of employer, the educational level and experience of the candidate, location of the employment, and actual responsibility associated with the job title.  Candidates can become pharmacy technicians, dental hygienists, emergency medical technicians, or diagnostic medical sonographers among others.

The outlook for this field of nursing profession is quite positive as it is perceived to benefit from approximately 25% growth within the next seven years.  Salaries are expected to start at approximately $28,000 and go up substantially based on the aforementioned factors.  This proves that this is the right time to consider this training program.

All of these potentials being presented by nursing schools in Oregon only prove that there is adequate room for growth and the decision would be up entirely to the candidates on whether they take advantage of these opportunities.

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