Nursing Schools in Ohio

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            Ohio is the tenth most densely populated states in the entire country, so it’s no wonder nursing schools in this region are in such high demand. Nursing in itself is a fairly lucrative trade, if not a profession that will at least keep food on your table for as long as you can hold a job! Either way, you will have plenty of career opportunities when you decide to take up a career in nursing, especially in a state like Ohio.

            As you begin to gain your bearings around the Ohio nursing scene, you will find yourself working with regulatory boards and worker’s unions. Knowing what kind of business to do with organizations, as well as where to find reputable nursing schools, can be the key to you getting a good education. Sign up for a great nursing school, and your great education will almost guarantee you a job afterward!

Nursing in Ohio

            When you decide to launch your nursing career in Ohio, you will be faced with many challenges unique to the industry. Finding an appropriate school, duking it out until the day you graduate, and landing a bearable job are all difficult aspects of finding a job, but nursing has its own set of demons you will have to tackle.

            One of these difficulties may come to you in the form of the Ohio Board of Nursing. Being the government regulatory board for the profession in this state, you are bound to run into them sooner or later, whether you are seeking to acquire a nursing license, or to clear out any other legal matters surrounding your aspiring status as a nurse.

            There are also plenty of nurse-oriented associations that you can turn to for assistance, feedback and to replenish your need for resources throughout the span of your nursing career. Here are some of those organizations:

  • Ohio Health Care Association – Established in 1946, the Ohio Health Care Association provides support for the hundreds of thousands of health care workers in the state, nurses included. News on local laws, legislation, and even a place where fellow nurses can help one another find jobs are all just a few benefits to name when you gain membership here.
  • Ohio League of Nursing – This association provides plenty for member nurses. Chances at nursing careers, continuing education programs, seminars, and additional resources can be found here. Plenty more benefits are in store if you decide to sign up for this organization.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse Association – For over 65 years, the LPNAO has been upholding their code of ethics and general healthcare service to the public, thanks to their dedicated membership. Benefits include representation during legal proceedings, discounts on continuing education programs, and many more.

            In these unsure times, having allies against unemployment may very well be extremely valuable in the future. That’s not to say you’ll have it all bad when you strike up a nursing career in Ohio; there are plenty of job opportunities for you for as long as you work hard enough for them!

Some Nursing Schools in Ohio

            Working hard starts when you get a proper education. Showing up in classes and doing well in laboratory activities will help prepare you for the difficult yet rewarding world of nursing! But which schools in the Ohio area are worth going to? Here’s a short list of the ones we can recommend to you:

  • Ashland University – AU’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences ensure you get the best quality that a four-year course has to offer you. Offering both classroom lectures and actual experiences in health care environments, you will learn all the practical skills you need to make it in the business, and then some.
  • Capital University – The Nursing Major at CU is a degree course designed to hone your critical thinking skills, as well as your hands-on abilities as a nurse. You will earn a degree, as well as the knowledge to pass the dreaded NCLEX exams upon graduation.
  • Cleveland State University – Nurses in this course will learn clinical foundation courses, along with subjects which cultivate a strong theoretical background for students. Learners in the nursing course are required to take up general education courses to earn a baccalaureate degree, before moving on to more difficult health care courses.
  • Kent State University – Kent State’s College of Nursing offers a full course in your chosen profession. Traditional classroom courses, combined with immersion experiences and opportunities for employment, can be found at this university’s undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Malone University – Offered in degree programs, as well as a course designed for registered nurses, Malone will prepare future health care workers with a variety of skills and resources needed to succeed in the field.

            Community colleges, hospitals, and local community health centers can also be places to find supplemental nursing education. If a four-year course is not enough for your thirsty mind, then there’s always the extracurriculars to keep you busy!

            Doing your best in school will help you unlock your true potential when you finally join the work force. You’ll go through good and bad times in the process, just like any other job, so hold your head up high. Nursing is one thing you can go to school for in Ohio, and be proud about later on in life!

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