Nursing Schools in Nevada

The state of Nevada is located on the western parts of the country and it is well known as the gambling capital of the world, this is due to the fact that it houses Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world. The state has a lot of nick names among them is the silver state. This is mainly due to the large deposits of silver that were discovered in the state that led to a population boom during the early days of the state.

The state is largely uninhabited with most of the population being found in Las Vegas. This is also due to the fact that most of the state is a desert. The state’s major earner is tourism, gambling and mining. The state has a large shortage of registered nurses with most of them being employed in Las Vegas. In a bid to address this there are a lot of programs that have been instituted to allow more students take up nursing. One of these programs is the financial aid programs that nursing students can apply to be enrolled in. Among them is there is there are a lot of financial aid programs to aid nursing students.

Among the Nebraskan institutions that offer associate degree programs in nursing include Great Basin College that is located in Elko. The college is accredited by National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission or the NLNAC.  The institution also had the highest pass rate among these institutions in the National Council Licensure Examinations or the NCLEX in short. These are compulsory exams that one needs to take for you to be recognized as a registered nurse. It was followed by Western Nevada College which had a pass rate of about ninety six percent on its registered nurses program during the 2009 period. You then have Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas as well as Carrington College. All these institutions are accredited by NLNAC. Other colleges include Carrington College in Reno as well as Everest College in Henderson.

You may also decide to take a four year Bachelor’s Degree program for you to apply for your registered nurse license. Among the institutions that offer this option include the University of Nevada which is located in Las Vegas. The university had the highest pass rate among those who choose to sit for their NCLEX with a pass rate of over ninety percent. These are from results that were obtained in 2009. You then had the same university which is located in Reno that had a pass rate greater than eighty seven percent. This was followed by Nevada State College in Henderson with a pass rate of eighty seven percent. Among those that round up this list includes the Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson as well as Touro University. All these institutions with the exception of Roseman are accredited by CCNE. There are a few nursing training institutions in Nevada with most of the students who get out being absorbed in the major cities that are home to over three quarters of the state population.