Nursing Schools in Minnesota

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Minnesota is a state ripe with health care career opportunities, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a state with better nursing schools. Plenty of state-regulated and approved medical education institutions are around for you to choose from, and thanks to consistent regulation, you’ll be getting the most out of every class, too. But how do you know which nursing school is right for you, with so many of them around the state?

Picking an appropriate nursing school for you will be entirely up to your personal requirements and standards for an educational institution. Getting the right classes, training, and certification might come secondary to your desire to graduate from a school with a prestigious name. Don’t let the outward reputation of a nursing school fool you, though, as there are plenty of other great opportunities with other Minnesota-based nursing institutions!

Minnesotan Health Care

With plenty of health care history spanning back into the 19th century, Minnesota may very well be the state where you finally get your nursing license. With a promising outlook and great variety of nursing schools to choose from, you might end up having a hard time picking a school than you will in class or training!

Part of the rich health care history of Minnesota can be traced to the famed Mayo Clinic research group. Listed as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for eight years running, this company has roots that span back to the 19th century. William Worrall Mayo, an examining physician for the Civil War draft, loved the state so much that he set up shop there.

The Mayo Clinic isn’t the only Minnesota-based clinical institution well-renowned for its lasting mark on the health care industry. Plenty of other schools, hospitals and research facilities dedicated to medical care are found in the state, and are just as dedicated to bringing patients and nursing students to the cutting edge of the industry.

Minnesota‘s Board of Nursing is responsible for the upholding of standards and ethics among many of the nursing schools you’ll find in the state. In addition to maintaining consistent standards between schools, they also manage the licensure and approval of the nursing students who graduate from each institution.

Nursing Schools in Minnesota

The Minnesota Board of Nursing regulates many programs that help a student prepare for a career in the field. Some of these offer certificates, while others offer full degrees. Here is a short list of schools which offer preparations for licensure, and may lead to a Baccalaureate Degree:

  • Bemidji State University – Located on Birchmont Drive in Bemidji, this college offers a four-year course in nursing that will prepare a student for a career in a hospital, long-term care, and even continued studies for dedicated students.
  • College of Saint Scholastica – Students who possess a baccalaureate degree in another field, or no degree at all, can apply for this full-service course if desired. Both classroom lectures and hands-on facility training are opportunities you can expect at this school.
  • Metropolitan State University – Prospective students based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota can try for Metropolitan’s College of Nursing & Health Sciences to receive a full course in nursing. Baccalaureate and Master‘s Degrees are offered by this prestigious college.
  • National American University – This college offers both online courses, as well as a Bachelor‘s Degree program for people wanting to get the most out of an education. This college can be found in plenty of other states besides Minnesota, too!
  • Minnesota State University – Located in the heart of Mankato, MSU has offered full-fledged nursing courses since 1953. You can take a course that leads right into a Bachelor of Science Degree, as well as earn plenty of career opportunities when you are finished.
  • University of MinnesotaMaster‘s Degrees, PhD’s, and even just a certificate course will help you earn your way into a nursing career with UM. Strong connections with other Minnesota healthcare institutes will help you carve steady ground for when you really need a job after college!
  • Winona State University – Elaborate programs designed for in-depth training can be found here at Winona. A Generic Option is available, which caters to students seeking a Bachelor‘s Degree of Science in Nursing. Registered nurses may also apply for BS degrees if they have already seen some action in the field.

If you are simply preparing to achieve an Associate‘s Degree, and getting ready for the Licensure Examinations, here are some colleges in Minnesota you can look into:

  • Alexandria Technical & Community College – Nurses who want to prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination can get training, as well as an Associate‘s Degree, here at Alexandria Tech. Two unique phases, which shift from general education subjects to practical training, give students diversity in learning environments in the process.
  • Central Lakes College – For a single calendar year, enrolled students will learn the trade through a unique, patient-centered nursing program. A strong background in ethics will be instilled in each and every student to give the best care possible when in the field.

There are plenty more places in the state to get a proper education from! Give the local Minnesota Nursing Board a call if you are thinking about getting a future career in the field of health care and medical service.

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