Nursing Schools in Michigan

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            From Lansing to Detroit, there are plenty of nursing schools in and around Michigan where you can get an education. It might seem like a tough market to break into, but with the right mindset, skills, and the connections, you will get your nursing career up and going in no time at all. Just be sure you’re working hard the whole way through; being lazy will get you nowhere in a career that deals with the health of others.

            Support for when you’re just starting out, or for when you are continuing your education and career as a nurse, is also widely available in Michigan. From government regulatory groups to nurse’s associations, you won’t be without a helping hand when you dive headlong into the nursing lifestyle! Plenty more opportunities at schooling and nursing jobs can be found when you partner up with the right people.

Nursing in Michigan

            Nursing is a heavily regulated profession no matter which state you’re in. It’s the same way in Michigan; if you plan to become a nurse in this state, you will end up doing business with the appropriate government offices sooner or later. Getting to know your allies in your nursing career can be valuable in the long run.

            One of these is LARA, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Under this department is the Michigan Board of Nursing, which oversees and regulates all nursing activities in the state. You may be able to find useful information regarding legal matters, licensure and registration at these places.

            If you would like to get to know Michigan’s nursing scene from the nurse’s point of view, then perhaps the Michigan Nurse’s Association will be of help. Resources that pertain to the practice of nursing, along with labor relations and plenty of other things a nurse will have to deal with are all aspects that a nurse’s association will touch upon. Active members of these associations will also be able to reap more benefits, and maybe even career opportunities!

            Another organization designed to help nurses in school or in the field is the Michigan Center for Nursing. In addition to programs designed for nurses, by nurses, this organization offers plenty of community programs, seminars and other extracurricular activities that might teach a new skill or two to the experienced.

            Outside of these organizations, you will have plenty of resources available to you if you would like to take your nursing career a step further. Plenty of online guides, school lists, and reviews of big Michigan nursing schools can ultimately help you come to an informed decision for your future education. You can also ask a friend who has also studied at a particular school for a second opinion!

List of Michigan Nursing Schools

            That said, you have many choices when it comes to Nursing schools in Michigan. From simple seminars to full, four-year courses on the matter, you certainly have your pick of schools in the state to choose from. To make your choice even easier, here are some we can recommend to you, if you are thinking about getting started on that nursing degree.

  • Andrews University - The nursing program at AU is accredited by both state and nationwide organizations. Here, you will have two choices of undergraduate programs, a graduate nursing course, and the chance to prepare for the NCLEX.
  • Calvin College - CC has your typical four-year class schedule, along with plenty of extracurricular activities to keep your nursing skills honed throughout your stay. Honors programs will also reward the hard working nursing student.
  • Eastern Michigan University - This university gives students a chance to achieve bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and even a PhD. With an entire department dedicated to nursing education, you’ll have your share of on-the-job training and real-world career opportunities here.
  • Grand Valley State University - Nursing and Health Administration programs are part of Grand Valley’s offered courses. Earn various levels of degrees, from bachelor’s to master’s degrees, and gain plenty of experience and skills while doing so.
  • Madonna University - MU’s College of Nursing offers full-fledged programs in the healthcare profession. Steeped in the ethics of the Catholic faith, you’ll also learn a thing or two about treating your patients with love and care.
  • Ferris State University - Ferris State has nursing programs at diverse levels. From Certificate courses to accelerated track programs, and even full bachelor’s degrees, pick a course that will be best for your skill level.
  • Oakland University - Oakland also offers plenty of certificate and nursing courses, all of which have former nurses ready and waiting to offer their practical experience and expertise to you. Continuing education for registered nurses is also available for this Rochester-based nursing school.

            It’s always important to pick a school that not only offers you the knowledge it takes to make it as a nurse, but the chance to apply everything you learn in practical settings. This short list is by no means a complete one; a second opinion will help lead you to a reputable school with competent faculty members, good education and great times!

            After you have settled on a school, think about how to take advantage of potential career opportunities. They can be found at your school, from friends, from local nursing associations, or simply by sending out your resume to every hospital in the Michigan area!

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