Nursing Schools in Maryland

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            Maryland, one of the quintessential American cities, certainly has plenty of opportunities for you to learn more about the nursing craft. Many schools, educational facilities, and chances at employment are for the taking around this region, so long as you know where to look. You won’t have to look too hard, even when you factor in the features, curriculum, and maybe even the tuition fees of each and every school available.

            You’ll also find plenty of other kinds of education right here in Maryland. From regular nursing programs, to degree courses, nursing aide education to even more vocational training, you have more career paths than ever before. Maryland will truly be your land of nursing opportunities if you would only give it a chance. To help you along with the decision are some handy tips, and guides to the best schools in the area.

Nursing in Maryland

            If you end up moving to Maryland in order to take up nursing, then you’re in luck; there’s plenty of people and organizations around to help you settle right in. While you’re on your own when it comes to lodging and tuition costs, hospitals, school admissions boards and government office boards will help you deal with your nursing education easily.

            The Maryland Board of Nursing might be your first ally when you decide to immerse yourself in nursing for the first time. Responsible for the licensure, certification, and regulation of all nursing activity in the state, you’ll end up doing business at their offices sooner or later throughout the span of your nursing career.

            Membership in the Maryland Nursing Association might also prove useful for aspiring nurses in the state. This non-profit organization provides seminars, career opportunities, and plenty of other resources that a nurse in training will find useful. Many other benefits are also a small part of membership in the MNA.

            The Maryland Hospital Directory isn’t just good for when you have a medical emergency; it may also prove handy when you are on the hunt for nursing education or career opportunities. After all, some hospitals also sponsor nursing education programs, whether as part of a school’s on-the-job training curriculum, or if they have their own courses.

            Each of these resources will help you find even more possible nursing schools in the Maryland area. They should also be able to help you track down particular courses or educational requirements that you might want out of a nursing program. In addition to these, doing your own independent research into schools of your choice on review aggregate web sites might also reveal more about a school than what’s shown on the prospectus!

Good Nursing Schools in Maryland

            Maryland may have a shortage of nurses, but there is no shortage of nursing education round the state. Plenty of vocational facilities, universities, community colleges and other education institutions offer nursing as a course if you would like to learn. Here are a few of those colleges that you may look into:

  • Bowie State University - BSU offers plenty of nursing courses, depending on your educational objectives. Accelerated courses that net you a bachelor’s degree in science, as well master’s degree courses, are offered by this university.
  • Coppin State College - Coppin’s College of Health Professions includes nursing as a part of its offered programs. Courses for registered nurses, undergraduates and graduates include classroom lectures, and practical application courses where you will be immersed in real hospitals.
  • Salisbury State University - SU’s Nursing Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for degree holders, registered nurses and undergraduates. A Master’s Degree is also part of SU’s offered nursing courses, if you would like to push your education to the limit.
  • Towson University - This university’s Department of Nursing offers specialized knowledge in both classroom-oriented courses, and practical application challenges. Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees are possible, as well as plenty of career opportunities.
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University - NDMU’s School of Nursing offers a full-course program in the profession. Again, you will be able to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nursing here, along with chances to gain a job in the profession upon graduation.
  • Johns Hopkins University - JHU holds the unique distinction of being one of US News’ Best Grad Schools for Nursing this year. That, on top of having ranked 4th in the National Institutes of Health’s Research Funding list ensures you will get great-quality education in nursing here.
  • Stevenson University - SU offers the nursing program at undergraduate, graduate and adult-accelerated rates depending on the student’s skill level. Registered nurses are also encouraged to apply if they would like further education in the field.
  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences - Like the name of the school implies, this institution will help you gear up for a life in the nurse uniform. Learn all you need to know, from lectures to hands-on training, here at the USU, and earn a degree while doing it!

            After you have successfully completed a course at one or more of these nursing schools, you will be on the fast-track to filling up the state’s deficit of nurses. Not only will you find a great number of nursing schools to choose from in Maryland, but you might even find a job worth keeping when you are finished with your studies for good!

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