Nursing Schools in Illinois

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The nation’s top nursing schools are located in the State of Illinois. Despite this, the state is still suffering from nurse shortage and is finding effective ways to retain its current nurse population. The State of Illinois in cooperation with nursing schools and health care facilities are also implementing various projects to motivate and inspire individuals to consider the nursing career.
If you have just graduated from high school and trying to choose a career that provides professional and financial satisfaction, entering the nursing field is definitely the most viable action to take. Here are the reasons why you should consider entering the field of nursing:

  • Illinois health care facilities guarantee the highest mean hourly wage among Midwestern States

At $32.00 per hour for entry-level RNs, it is quite obvious that Illinois nurses enjoy the highest salary rates in the Midwest and even on a nation-wide scale.  Although Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses are provided with sizable salary rates too, majority of health care facilities in Illinois prefer RNs as they are committed in delivering world-class quality care to patients. Prospective nursing students are advised to take up a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing as better job opportunities are offered to RNs more so than those with LVN or LPN certification only.
On average, RNs can earn up to $70,000 per annum. Overtime pay, benefits, and other employment perks are excluded from their estimated salaries. In addition, factors such as geographic location, type of institution, specialization, and years of experience contribute to the mean hourly rate that are offered to Illinois Registered Nurses. Obviously, those who have specializations and have been working for several years are given salary increase compared to those who are general nurse practitioners only.

  • Nursing schools, medical facilities, and the State of Illinois offers scholarships and grants

Since majority of the nursing schools in Illinois are known for academic excellence, the National Institute of Health and other government organizations provide universities and colleges in Illinois regular school grants. This makes it possible for nursing schools to hire the best nurse educators and clinicians in the field of nursing. In addition, the equipment, learning materials, and research department of schools that are awarded with school grants are more advanced and updated when compared alongside competing schools in Illinois.

In addition, the State of Illinois and universities that offers nursing programs award scholarships to deserving applicants. People who do not have sufficient financial resources to support schooling can seek the assistance of organizations that offer financial aid. In order to be awarded with a scholarship, an applicant should provide an impressive GPA and grades from high school. Tests may also be required to be taken by applicants in order for scholarship grantees to evaluate who deserves their nursing scholarships the most.

  • Illinois offers Loan Forgiveness Program

The State of Illinois has implemented the Loan Forgiveness Program for nursing professionals who would like to advance their career and become nurse educators instead. Existing college loans will be paid off by the State and future tuition fees for a Master’s degree in Nursing Practice will be covered by the State of Illinois as well. Once finished, nurses will then be mandated to provide teaching service to chosen medical facilities within the state of Illinois for a pre-determined number of months. After this period, nurse educators are then provided the freedom to choose their place of employment without having to worry about outstanding debt from loans.

Since these strategies have been implemented, a large number of young people have already enrolled themselves in Illinois nursing schools. This is good news, especially to medical hospitals and health care facilities that are currently short of nurses. It is postulated that if Illinois is unable to meet the demands for more nurses, the State’s standard in quality health care delivery will suffer too.  Luckily, these programs have motivated people to shift careers and study nursing instead.

Health care facilities in Illinois demand for nothing but competent and highly-skilled health care workers. It is due to this fact that nursing schools in Illinois strive to offer its students the best faculty members, clinicians, internship partnership programs, and advanced curriculum to thousands of students. There are almost 100 nursing schools in Illinois, and a large percentage of these learning institutions are accredited by the State and accreditation bodies such as the NLNAC or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.
Here are the top 2 nursing schools in Illinois that should be in your priority list:      

  • University of Illinois- Chicago, Il.

The University of Illinois in Chicago is recognized to have the 7th best nursing program in the United States. University professors, medical hospitals, and experts agree that UIC offers educational excellence like no other in the State of Illinois.
UIC offers BSN, MS, DNP, and PhD nursing programs, and is rated as the best n the nursing field. The nursing programs offered by the university are also offered through UIC’s online university. The College of Nursing of UIC enjoys a sizable funding from the National Institute of Health, thus enabling the university to hire only the best professors and nurse clinicians in the country. Due to the high academic standing of nursing students of UIC, prominent hospitals are engaged to build partnerships with this nursing school.

  • Rush University

Rush University is a subsidiary of Rush University Medical Center located in the City of Chicago. The hospital is renowned for providing first-class health care in the Midwest for more than 100 years and is fervent in its mission to produce world-class nurses. For prospective students who aspire to become future nurse leaders, Rush University offers a comprehensive curriculum for undergraduates and nurse professionals as well. Rush University is known to rank 15th on the list of the best nursing schools in the nation.
Rush University students are given the privilege to work with the best nursing faculty in Illinois. The university focuses on providing an integrated learning approach by blending education, clinical practice, and leadership as the central core of nursing.
Other nursing schools in Illinois that are considered to offer the best nursing programs and clinical experience are the following:

  • Chamberlain College of Nursing
  • University of Phoenix in Chicago
  • Resurrection University
  • Loyola University in Chicago

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