Nursing Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to more than just warm, sandy beaches and tropical culture; if you plan to pursue a career in nursing here instead of vacation, then you’ll have just as many opportunities. Health care is just as essential here as any other state, after all, so you’ll find plenty in the way of job opportunities and chances at education. Some of them might even be situated near your new home in Hawaii!

Becoming a nurse in Hawaii, however, entails much of the same procedures and legal matters as any other state. Dealing with state regulatory boards, passing the NCLEX, and many other trials and tribulations that a budding nurse must face will all come up in your new career path. Making the best of every available opportunity, and getting a little help, will all pave the road to your future job as a properly trained and registered nurse.

Looking for Nursing Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii has its share of nursing schools, just like every other state in the region. You’ll also come across many obstacles when you decide to take up a career in nursing here. When you know how to prepare properly, and if you have the drive to make it in as a nurse, the obstacles should not prove to be much of a problem.

In every state, there is a nursing board that oversees all nursing-related activity, and Hawaii is no different. The Hawaii Professional and Vocational Licensing division of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs plays this role. On their official website, you will have access to many resources pertaining to the nursing field, such as a verification tool, and legal documents.

The Hawaii Nurses’ Association will serve as a sort of companion as you trudge along your new career path. Members will gain access to an entire community of like-minded individuals trying to make it in Hawaii as a nurse. Other useful resources, such as updates on nursing legislation, career opportunities, and even continuing education are also membership perks.

When you are familiar with the many organizations and communities that make up the Hawaii nursing scene, you should also take measures when you start looking for schools around the area. Pick a school that will meet your needs as a students best; many institutions can offer degree programs, certificate courses, or even online learning sessions for nursing.

If you plan on specializing in a certain field of nursing, then look into what a school has to offer in terms of variety as well. Some schools can offer short nursing courses, while others may offer degrees for undergraduates, graduates, and registered nurses. A curriculum that deals with a certain health care specialty can also be part of your criteria when searching for a school.

Another important aspect of a nursing school you might want to look for is their NCLEX pass rates. Every nurse will be required to take this test at one point or another in order to become a registered nurse. The school’s ability to prepare students for this test should play an important role in your search for a good nursing education in the Hawaii area.

Good Nursing Schools in Hawaii

Plenty of good nursing schools are situated in and around the Hawaii mainland. Picking one that will fit your needs as a student best will be entirely up to you, however. For everything else, here are a few recommendations we can make, if you know next to nothing about nursing schools in the Hawaii area:

• Hawaii Community College - Located in Hilo, this community college has an entire Nursing & Allied Health division dedicated to education. Registered nursing, practical nursing, and a host of other similar courses are offered at various achievement levels.
• University of Hawaii, Maui - This prestigious university has been around since 1931. It now offers courses for practical and registered nurses, along with other health care programs that touch on therapy, behavioral management, nutrition, among others.
• University of Phoenix - Not the one in Arizona; a branch exists right in the heart of Honolulu. UP’s College of Nursing has existed for over 25 years, and still offers the same quality nursing education for undergraduates and graduates today. Continuing education is also an option for registered nurses looking to hone their skills.
• Hawaii Pacific University - Hawaii Pacific offers a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Traditional classroom courses, along with an opportunity to receive hands on experience in real health care environments, are part of this flexible college curriculum. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences also offers many other programs, including pathway courses for holders of other degrees.
• Kapi’olani Community College - A community college located in Honolulu, a variety of nursing programs are up for grabs at Kapi’olani. In addition to your typical practical and licensed nursing programs, transitional and health care specific programs are part of the college’s repertoire for more career-minded students.

If you know other registered nurses or nursing students in the area, then it will certainly help to get reviews about certain schools in the area. If you also know the NCLEX pass rates of schools you plan to apply for, then take those into account before even thinking about paying any enrollment fees. If you have already decided on a nursing school in Hawaii, then good luck to you and your future career!