Nursing Schools in Georgia

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If you live in Georgia and you are looking for a career that offers a sizable salary and professional growth, taking up nursing will be a wise decision to make. The nursing shortage crisis is very much evident in the State of Georgia. According to recent statistics, this Southern state is suffering the worst nurse shortage among the Southern States.

Georgia is always on high-demand for competent and skilled nurses as industrialization is ever increasing across its urban and even rural communities. People from neighboring states are migrating to Georgia for employment opportunities, which in turn dictate that the state also needs adequate health care professionals to attend to medical emergencies and hospital care.

There are a plethora of health care settings where nurses are needed in Georgia. From hospitals, senior care facilities, doctor’s clinics, schools and health care centers, Georgia offers plenty of opportunities for prospective nurses. Due to the dynamic population of Georgia, it needs nurses across all specializations. If you are a high school graduate looking for a career that is both financially and professionally rewarding, enrolling in a nursing school will be your first step in achieving your dreams for the future. Taking up nursing is also a viable solution among professionals from other industries who would like to shift a more challenging professional role.

The high demand for nurses in Georgia is most evident in the substantial salary rate that is offered to registered nurses. Regardless of the existing nurse shortage crisis, the salary of nurses has always been high. Not a lot of people have realized this, not until other industries started implementing layoffs and terminating their respective employees. Nurses, as they are an integral member of the health care team, are not, in anyway affected by recession or ongoing economic hardships. This is one of the advantages of entering the nursing field. Nurses will always be needed by hospitals, doctors, and patients. Gaining a diploma and being certified as a nurse will open new doors and provide you with a gratifying professional career for many years to come.

One of the first things that future nurses need to do is to enroll in a nursing school. There is plenty of nursing schools in Georgia, but only a few of them are known for excellence and quality education. Here are some guidelines for choosing nursing schools in Georgia. We also have listed the top nursing schools in the State, thus making it easier for you to decide which of these educational institutions perfectly matches your goals, needs, and preferences.

  • Check the passing rate of a nursing school

It is true that success is measured by a student’s willingness to learn. However this is the case, a good nursing school should be able to motivate, inspire, and educate their students to become better individuals for the betterment of their future. A nursing school with a competent and highly knowledgeable faculty team is a major contributor to the success of its students. A low passing rate for a nursing school in Georgia can only means that their faculty members lack the talent and knowledge to hone its students to become certified nursing professionals.

  • Nursing Program Assessment

A university or college should offer a wide array of nursing programs for prospective students. Aside from the standard 4-year degree course, there are learning institutions that offer graduate and doctoral programs for those who would like to further their leadership and administrative skills. For individuals who would like to fast track their nursing careers, there are accelerated certificate courses that can be finished in just a few months to a full year.

  • Solid and strong partnerships

A nursing school that strives for excellence builds partnerships with a wide array of health care institutions in Georgia. Exposure to all health care settings is integral in order for nursing students to develop the right set of nursing skills and ethics. Most universities have established partnerships with prominent health care facilities in the state. This makes it easy for students to advance themselves once they graduate from nursing school and seek employment in and outside the State of Georgia.

  • Accreditations

One of the most important points that prospective nurses should consider when choosing a nursing school to enroll in are the citations, accreditations, and recognitions that a university or college may have. Certifying organizations show that a nursing school was able to meet requirements and excellence standards. Employers also consider accreditation in gauging the possible performance of applicants as well. Students who come from quality nursing schools are given more consideration compared to those who graduated from non-accredited nursing schools in Georgia.
Below is a list of the top ten schools in the State of Georgia; all of which are recognized and accredited by the Georgia Board of Nursing, National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education:

  • Georgia State University- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Kennesaw State University- Kennesaw, Georgia
  • Emory University- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Brenau University- Gainesville, Georgia
  • Medical College of Georgia- Augusta, Georgia
  • University of West Georgia- Carrolton, Georgia
  • Clayton State University- Morrow, Georgia
  • Mercer University- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Valdosta State University- Valdosta, Georgia

Although most of the nursing schools in the State of Georgia can be found in Atlanta, there are equally impressive nursing schools from neighboring cities and districts that provide excellent nursing programs for undergraduates and graduate professionals. All of the nursing schools listed above offer a Bachelor’s Degree program for undergraduates and Master’s Degree program for professionals who are currently working as part of a health care team.

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