Nursing Schools in Florida

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The ever-increasing aging population in the State of Florida has made it necessary for learning institutions and hospitals to build nursing schools and programs that are accessible to prospective nursing students and nurse professionals who would like to advance their careers through leadership functions and research.

Over the next few years, the demand for nurses will reach up to 7,000 across all health care facilities. The shortage for nurses also means a high salary rate among entry level registered nurses. These factors should be more than enough to consider entering the exciting career of nursing.  For those who would like to engage in the nursing profession but do not have the financial resources to pay off their tuition fees, there are scholarship grants that are being awarded to deserving nursing hopefuls. Is it quite obvious that Florida has made the field of nursing a highly accessible career for its thousands residents. If you live in Florida and you’re currently looking for a satisfying career and high-paying job, the nursing profession is definitely perfect for you.

As prospective nursing students, the only task that you need to do in order to get quality education and skills is to choose the best nursing school in Florida. There are over 100 nursing schools scattered throughout the Sunshine State. It is rather impossible for enrollees not to pick one that best suits and matches their needs and personal goals. If you are not yet familiar with the nursing schools in Florida, here is a list of the top 5 schools. By reading through the information found in this article, you will have the ability to make a smart decision as to which of these five schools will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need once you start working as a nurse in the health care setting.

  • University of Florida

The University of Florida is renowned locally and internationally as a leader in the provision of innovative education, cutting-edge nursing skills, and ongoing research to improve delivery of health care. UF is the first university that offered a four-year nursing program in the State of Florida as well as doctorate programs for aspiring nurse leaders.
Due to their good reputation as a center for nursing excellence, the school of nursing was able to secure strong partnerships with different health care facilities within the State of Florida and outside the country as well. UF offers great exposure to different types of clients, thus honing professional and highly-skilled nurses for the future.
The University of Florida offers seven types of nursing programs; from the basic BSN for undergraduates to the more advanced graduate courses like Masters of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree, Nursing Education Certificate Program, PhD in Nursing Science, and North Florida PhD Consortium. The university also offers accelerated nursing program for nursing graduates who would like to earn a doctorate within a short span of time.

  • University of Miami

The University of Miami is a world-leading educational and research facility for the health sciences and nursing. Their faculty team is composed of the most in-demand professors and is committed to providing first-class education and revolutionary client-centered nursing skills. The approach taught by the university is based on the understanding that people from various cultures have their corresponding nursing management and care models. The culturally-sensitive nursing care that University of Miami professors and instructors deliver are then applied in various clinical settings across Miami. The university has strong partnership with the major health care providers in this region of Florida. Students are adequately exposed to patient treatment and care, making it easier for University of Miami nursing graduates to be accepted when seeking employment.

  • University of South Florida

The goal of the University of South Florida is not only to produce nursing graduates who can seek employment faster than graduates from rival schools, but develop leaders and visionaries in the field of Nursing. The University of Florida is recognized by the NHI as one of the top nursing learning centers. This is highly evident in the fact that the university enjoys research grants and subsidy from the federal government to further academic excellence and ground-breaking research studies. The environment within the campus is conducive to learning. Students are taught concepts on multicultural care as Miami is populated by cultural minorities as well. This type of nursing care fosters speedy recovery and effective nursing care management and practice.
The University of South Florida offers the widest nursing program selection for prospective students. From the BSN undergraduate courses to the more advanced Master’s and Doctor of Nursing educational programs as well. The university clearly has everything that you need if you would like to be more than a nurse, but a health care leader in the near future.

  • Florida Atlantic University

The Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing is known all across the nation to be staffed with famous nurse clinicians and professors. Their holistic approach in providing care and treatment to clients is what makes the university stand out from competing schools in and around Florida. Florida Atlantic University is known to have the biggest population of students in Florida. The diverse culture on campus makes it easier for the faculty to facilitate holistic and culturally-sensitive patient care and management. Aside from campus-based education, the university also offers distance learning program for those who would like to finish nursing at their own pace and time.
The flexibility and accessibility of nursing resources provided by Florida Atlantic University have made them the go-to nursing university among prospective students in Florida.

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