Nursing Schools in Colorado

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            Colorado has just as many nursing schools as opportunities to break into the field. With so many choices for job offerings and educational programs, you might indeed make this state your destination for learning how to make it. When you do make it, you’ll find yourself in no shortage of career options for your new nursing degree. You’ll be sent to the front lines of the state’s medical care workforce in no time flat.

            How will you know which of the many schools are right for you, though? Quality education is hardly spread thin across the state, so you will land at one that will teach you all the right skills, more likely than not. That said, it’s important for you to understand and define what you intend to get out of a nursing school, whether you are in it for the connections, skills, or maybe that master’s degree you’ve always wanted.

Education and Outlook in Colorado

            Colorado has nursing schools and career opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of. While they may be plentiful, you’ll have to dig a little bit to get the best possible value for the money you’ll end up spending in tuition fees and, more importantly, your time. With the right resources, you’ll be living a great nursing lifestyle in no time.

            A good place to start would be the Colorado Board of Nursing, the organization responsible for overseeing all nursing activity in the state. Learning about licensing requirements, accredited nursing schools around Colorado, and plenty of other useful information can be learned on their official website. You can also give them a call, if you are unsure about your future in nursing.

            Another organization you can turn to for support is the Colorado Nurses Association. Any registered nurse may register here in order to find sources of continuing education, attend seminars, schedules for regional conferences, and even to find a job. Plenty of other resources are also available upon membership to the Colorado Nurses Association.

            When you think you are ready to hunt down schools, think of the major cities around Colorado. Denver, being the capital of Colorado, also happens to be ripe with nursing and healthcare facilities. You will find no shortage of places that offer courses, degrees, and career opportunities to people looking to break into the nursing market.

            Outside of Denver, you will also find plenty of community hospitals, medical centers and other health care facilities that might also offer courses in nursing. Education opportunities are plentiful no matter where you go in Colorado, even with the swelling population and geographical location. Many of these facilities are also well-equipped, too.

List of Nursing Schools in Colorado

            Once you have finally decided to settle down and find a nursing school in Colorado, you may find the variety enough to keep your search session going for quite a while! To save you a bit of time when searching, here are some accredited schools which are based in Colorado that we can recommend to you:

  • Adams State University – Adams State offers two separate nursing programs; both of which offer students a chance to earn a bachelor’s degree. Both of these programs are accredited by the CCNE, or the Commission Collegiate Nursing Education, ensuring that you quality-regulated educators and facilities here.
  • Mesa State College – This Colorado-based college offers three distinct nursing courses for undergraduates, license holders, and even nurses seeking continuing education. Plenty of on-the-job and career opportunities are also available here at Mesa.
  • Otero Junior College – The nursing program at Otero is made for both part-timers, as well as learners who are willing to hone their skills full-time. Courses that last enough to earn you a degree will also ensure you earn your salt in nursing skills in the process.
  • Regis University – Located in Denver, the nursing program here has been continuously credited by the CCNE since 1952. You will also get the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree, as well as a master’s degree here ar Regis.
  • University of Colorado – CU has plenty of campuses around the state, so you’ll be able to get a good nursing program wherever you are in the region. Degree programs, as well as integrated multiple pathway courses unique to the school, are offered to prospective students of this long-standing university.
  • Aspen University – If it’s a master’s degree you seek, then look no further than Aspen University. Combining traditional education techniques, on-the-job training, and even aspects of distance learning, you’ll come to master foundational and advanced skills for your career in no time.
  • Metropolitan State College of Denver – MSCD offers bachelor degrees in nursing in two distinct courses: one for registered nurses, and students who hold degrees in other fields. Each of which come in part-time and full-time options, depending on your need to learn.
  • Pueblo Community College – Offering both degree courses and opportunities for on-the-job training in the field, a simple call to this local community college will be all you need to get your career in nursing going.

            This short list of schools should give you a good idea what to expect when you decide to start learning. While there are plenty more institutions you can choose from, these should provide a sufficient starting point when you decide to find nursing schools in Colorado for the first time.

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