Nursing Schools in Arkansas

Do you plan on becoming a registered nurse in the state of Arkansas, while getting a proper education in the same state? Luckily, you will have plenty of opportunities for both when you decide to start your career here. Plenty of schools also have chances that lead up to licensure, and even jobs if you know which ones to shoot for. With a bit of luck, you might also have some memorable experiences in your new nursing school, too.

Before you start your new career path as a nurse, though, you will need to plan accordingly. Finding an appropriate nursing school in Arkansas is only one part of the battle; you will also need to deal with state regulatory boards, nursing associations, and plenty of other obstacles on your way to becoming a nurse. A lot of the same obstacles you may face when becoming a nurse in Arkansas can carry over to other states, too.

Becoming a Nurse in Arkansas

When you finally settle into your new Arkansas home, you will find that a path to your new nursing career will be relatively turbulent. That’s not to say it will all be tough down the road; with a little preparation and diligence, even the hardships will come and go faster than a trip down to your local hospital.

Some of these tough times may be given to you by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Because they handle all of the nursing business in the entire state, you are bound to run into them sooner or later on your path to becoming a registered nurse. Whether you are seeking an education, or when you finally graduate, you’ll inevitably end up dealing with them on more than one occasion.

If you are searching for other nurses to help you along the way, then the Arkansas Nursing Association may be of service. Run by nurses, for nurses, this organization provides much in the way of resources ranging from workforce advocacy causes, legislative and political matters, continuing education opportunities, and much more. Membership might also land you plenty of chances at a nursing career.

Finding a school that matches your intended career path also matters a lot. Since there are plenty of schools out there that cater to a variety of undergraduates and graduates, along with plenty of occupational specialties, be sure to check out the specifics of a course. Some have specialized courses made for nurses who are already registered, or people who possess degrees in other fields.

When you are looking around for nursing schools around the Arkansas area, you will also want to make sure that your prospective learning institutions are approved by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Accreditation from other organizations, like the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission will also ensure that your education will lead straight into the NCLEX and licensure.

Ask friends, fellow nurses, or other health care professionals about prospective schools you plan to enroll in. Part of a school’s reputation can include the rate at which students pass the NCLEX; a high pass rate can be an especially good sign for a nursing school.

With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to choosing a nursing school that will serve your needs as a budding nurse best.

Arkansas Nursing Schools

Arkansas has plenty of choices when it comes to nursing schools. From colleges and universities that offer degree courses, to hospitals and health care facilities that also have nursing programs, picking a good school can seem like a monumental task in itself. These schools offer great education and NCLEX pass rates:

• Arkansas Northeastern College - Offering Associates Degrees, and a variety of courses pertaining to the nursing profession, Arkansas Northeastern has all you need to get a proper education before entering the workforce.
• Arkansas State University - ASU ranks as US News’ top regional universities in the south for this year, and even boasts a high NCLEX pass rate for practical nurses. They offer plenty of programs for undergraduates, graduates, and registered nurses in their repertoire of nursing courses, too.
• Black River Technical College - Founded in 1972, Black River now boasts over 3,000 students across the 40+ programs they offer. Some of these programs include the Nursing Assistant, Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing courses which are renowned across the state.
• North Arkansas College - With a 100% NCLEX pass rate for the practical nursing course in the year of 2011, North Arkansas may be your key to finally becoming a registered nurse. This college has been around since 1973, when a group of Harrison residents wanted to put up a community college in the area.
• Northwest Technical Institute - Diploma programs, community and adult education are all specialties of this post-secondary institution. Offering a practical nursing diploma course, students here will learn all the skills they need, along with an opportunity to join the workforce upon graduation.

You will certainly have many more choices than this list of nursing schools around the state. Doing your own research is key to finding an education that will meet your needs best; if a school does not live up to your standards, then you may not get the skills you need to become good at your career. Take a good look at the better nursing schools around Arkansas before thinking of enrolling.