Nursing Schools in Alaska

The great north Alaska is a state in the United States found in the north most part of the country. It was the 49th state to join the union in 1959. The states nickname is the last frontier. Alaska is a state that is majorly known for its pristine forest, its mountain ranges with seventeen of the twenty highest points in the United States being in Alaska as well as its large snow cover. The state shares a large border with the Atlantic sea as well with Canada. It also shares a border with Russia through the Bering Strait. An interesting fact is that the state lands were purchased from Russia in the mid eighteen hundreds. The state has over half its population being located in the state’s capital in anchorage. The state has a huge handicap of nurses especially those who serve the rural areas. These areas are mostly inaccessible and they therefore provide a challenging environment for those who work in these areas. The state has tried to put in measures to try and encourage nurses to take up these opportunities. Among them is the grant that is offered by the state to assist those who wish to become registered nurses. You also have a program that helps those working in the healthcare system acquire homes in Alaska. This is through the housing loan program that is made available by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. All these in addition to the scenic nature that is offered by the Alaskan environment make it a good place to kick start your nursing career.

There is only one institution that is accredited to offer nursing programs in Alaska. These range from Associate’s Degree programs, Bachelor’s Degree as well as Masters Degree programs in Nursing. This is the University of Alaska which is located in Anchorage and it also has an associate campus in Fairbanks. The Anchorage campus only offers the Associate’s Degree in nursing. The institution is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission or the NLNAC in short. This is an accrediting agency that is affiliated with the National league of Nursing the NLN. The responsibility of this organization is to ensure that the levels of nursing programs that are offered by the institutions are up to the quality that is needed. As in all other parts of the United States those who wish to be registered as nurses in Alaska need to take their National Council Licensure Examinations or the NCLEX in short. Amidst all the challenges that are offered by the state of Alaska in terms of nursing, there are also some huge advantages of kick starting your career in the state. The state has one of the least unemployment rates in the county with the largest private employer in the state being a health care provider. There are also minimal chances that you would go without a job. The state also provides a higher pay rate for their nurses than other areas of the country with travelling nurses earning a lot more. Being a travelling nurse also offers you the advantage of seeing the beautiful side of Alaska.