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One of the most common questions that many students ask would be. “is nursing school hard work?”  Actually, this is a universal truth not only in nursing, but in almost all academic disciplines.  The question of whether nursing is hard or not can be exclaimed by those who are planning to take on the study program or people who are looking for new avenues of possible employment.  There is no question that the nursing profession is fast becoming one of the more highly profitable in the healthcare industry.

Students should recognize that the issue of “is nursing school hard” can be quite subjective due to a number of factors.  For one, if you have the proper attitude combined with the right study habits, any perceived difficulty can be quickly overcome.  Therefore, the key to resolving this type of dilemma would definitely rest on the ability to identify potential solutions that will minimize any difficulties and challenges to the completion of a nursing study program.  To this end, seriously consider the following:

  • Volunteer your time.

For people who are contemplating to enter the nursing profession or just starting to study it, one of the best ways to address the concern of “is nursing school hard”, is to volunteer their time in hospitals or healthcare facilities.  There is immense advantage in experiencing firsthand what professional nurses have to deal with on a daily basis.  The bigger the healthcare facility that you can volunteer for, the better experience you will receive.

Wandering around the facility and meeting not only nurses, but doctors as well, will give you an accurate idea of what to prepare for and how to effectively contribute to this growing profession in the medical community.  Another benefit that is commonly overlooked is that this gives potential nurses the chance to establish their goals on the type of nurses that they want to become.  Now, if you think volunteering is not worth it, you can seriously consider getting a summer job in a healthcare facility.

This is can serve as an early on-the-job-training for future nurses.  If there are no hospitals or clinics near your locality, you can also consider pharmacies.  Although this will not give you clinical practice experience, it can provide you with valuable experience in dealing with different types of medications.  It also allows you to get a taste of the amount of stress that the job comes with.

  • Buy your NCLEX review book.

Do not wait for the actual moment when you go into your review before buying an NCLEX review book.  Do this as early as the start of your clinical practice.  Make sure that you get a review book that has the highest rating to maximize the intended benefits.  Consider also an NCLEX review book that sorts the question based on the topics covered along with rationales for the given answers.

Not only will this give you a preview of what to expect in your actual examination, but students of nursing should realize that questions in the NCLEX are based mostly on the ability of the nursing student and adapts to his particular level.  Therefore, one of the keys to passing this extremely important examination is to be able to exhibit critical and synthesis thinking.  Recognition and recall do not figure quite as much in the success rate of students.

Students are required to answer correctly a minimum number of difficult questions to successfully pass the examination.  This means that even if you perfect the items in a single course, this will not assure you of passing the minimum requirements for the NCLEX.  Good and accredited nursing schools normally format questions similar to the NCLEX to help students familiarize themselves with taking the examination.

To be able to successfully address the question of “is nursing school hard?” students must have the capability to think on a higher level instead of merely simplifying facts.  Buying the NCLEX review book early will help you anticipate questions and make you better prepared to take the certification examination upon graduation.

  • Never study for the grades.

The goal in studying regardless whether it’s nursing or any other course should never be getting good grades.  Although it is true that evaluation in the workplace may put some importance on grades, having a firm grasp of the entire process is still better and can deliver more realistic results.  Keep in mind that cramming millions of facts in your head to be able to readily pass an examination is not the goal of taking nursing programs.

The goal as it should always be is to become functional professional nurses that can deal with virtually all types of medical conditions regardless of the clinical environment they are placed in.  Getting and developing the right skills will allow student nurses survive the harsh realities of the healthcare industry where life and death are everyday occurrences.  Mistakes made during clinical practice cannot be compared to grammatical or syntax errors, because results are either injuries or death.

Essentially, the concern of “is nursing school hard” only becomes a reality if you take the wrong approach.  This means prioritizing class credits and grades against attaining competency.  Unlike other disciplines where memorization can be of immense value, with nursing, active listening and absorbing what is being taught will make the difference of having an excellent career growth in nursing.

  • Invest in relaxation.

This is a reality that every student, not only those in nursing programs, needs to admit to.  Investing in relaxation means taking some days off in order to recharge yourself and get back your senses on track.  As a student in the medical field, you should well be aware of the harmful effects of stress to the human body.  The best way to counteract this is to have enough time to relax and enjoy.

However, it is equally important that reasonable relaxation should be adopted.  This means asserting more time in studies than in relaxing.  Exercising is one good way to ensure that you remain fit and continue to battle potential health hazards.  After all, the adage a healthy mind in a healthy body still holds true.  Being more relaxed will also keep you motivated to focus on your studies.

Keeping all these tips in mind and practicing them will ensure that the next time someone asks you “is nursing school hard?” you will be able to readily answer in the negative.

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