Nursing Insurance for CNAs

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Why Nursing Insurance for CNAs is essential? What benefit these insurances offer to nurse aides? The working in the hospitals, nursing homes, health care agencies and other facilities or working as a travel nurse, private duty CNA and home health aides, sometimes creates such situations that may be traumatic, problematic and financially adverse to these CNAs.

Causes for taking the Insurance Covers

On many occasions, the nurse aide also faces incidents where they are threatened, mistreated, abused or sexual advance are made against them. The claims against them may also be filed by the patients, family members, physicians, senior officers, nurses or facility owners for the happenings that may not be due to any of their fault. Sometimes incidents occur which were beyond their control or situations and may have rises due to their ignorance or mistakes for which they may not be responsible. For example, the condition of the patient suddenly starts deteriorating and the blame is put on the nurse aides caring such patient, and they may face financial claim suits by the patient or family member, which may result in heavy financial loss to CNAs.

 In another case, the physician may have prescribed wrong medication and nurse aide unknowingly administers such medication to the patient, resulting in deterioration of patient’s health. Again, the patient or family may file claim suits against them. If these claims are to be settled, it may result in complete and heavy financial loss to nurse aide that may also be beyond their financial capacity and control.

In all these cases, some form of protection to cover these health care setting risks is essential and the best way to escape these risks is by opting for Nursing Insurance for CNAs. The nurse assistants can take an insurance policy that minimizes these financial claim risks or they can even demand the financial compensations for the abuses, sexual advances, sudden dismissal or mistreatments that may have resulted in mental trauma and agonies for the nurse assistants.

Benefits of Nursing Insurance for CNAs

The Nursing Insurance for CNAs benefits the nurse aides in three ways including, in the first case insurance companies investigates any claims, which turns out the true facts about the innocence of the victim facing the claim, and in second case the insurance companies settles the claim, removing the financial burdens from the mind of the nurse aide facing the claim. In the third case, they are compensated for the mental trauma and agonies faced by them. 

There are two types of Nursing Insurance for CNAs that are very common these days and includes:

Professional Liability Insurance – that covers wrong actions such as abuses, misbehavior, wrong treatments, sexual advances or sudden dismissal.

Personal Insurance, also known as Occurrence type or Claim type Policies - covers the risk of unnecessary claims by the patients and families against the nurse aides.

Therefore, it is necessary that with the right type of insurance covers, you can not only escape from financial claim worries against you but you are also benefited financially for any misdoings against you.

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