Nursery Nurse Jobs

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Basically, nursery nurse jobs are normally types of professions that deal with non-clinical care of babies, young children, and at times the elderly.  The typical workplace would therefore have to be a children’s nursery (public or private), pre-schools, and even hospitals. 

These are the common places where very young children are left by their parents when they go off to work.  Because of the diverse nature of the work environments, the expected responsibilities can be quite varied and extremely challenging at some point.

Normally, working under the supervision of Registered Nurses, the actual location and age of people being taken cared of will dictate the exact responsibilities that can be expected from available nursery nurse jobs.  Applicants should realize that it is entirely possible that they may also be dealing with mentally or physically challenged children within their work place. 

For some, they may be employed as private nurses to support the physical needs of elderly or terminally ill people.  However, despite this diversity, there are some common responsibilities that can be encountered in this profession.

  1. Accountability.

There is no question that regardless where the nursery nurse jobs are or the actual age of the people that will be handled; the nursery nurse will be accountable for the well-being of those under their care.  When dealing with children, they are expected to play an integral role in the development during the early childhood years, which is often referred to as the formative years.

In most cases, the accountability of the nursery nurse would entail entertaining children that are left under their care.  It should be understood that children with ages from 6 months to four years can have relatively short attention spans.  This is why, some degree of patience and creativity will be expected.  Keep in mind that as a nursery nurse, parents expect their children to be reared with proper manners and good conduct.

  1. Designing engaging activities.

Picking up from the point of the first responsibility, the activities that will keep the interest of those under their care should be not only engaging, but also productive.  This means teaching games, arts and crafts, and other activities that cater to the educational and developmental phase of the children is something expected from nursery nurses.  During this stage, the most common and beneficial activities would obviously be those that include learning how to read and count.

Nursery nurses must be completely aware that aside from designing engaging activities, they are likewise expected to lead and supervise them.  Therefore, it would be to their advantage to ensure that they maintain good relations with those under their care.  In designing engaging activities, the limitations in age and physical conditioning of the children must always be taken into account.  Children generally lose interest in activities they cannot do or enjoy.

  1. Interesting storytelling skills.

Majority of nursery nurse jobs explicitly require and expect applicants to be skilled in the art of storytelling.  The primary reason is that this is one of the most common responsibilities handled by any nursery nurse.  This activity has been observed to help develop not only language skills, but also encourages and instills in children the importance and value of reading.  Even the elderly can appreciate good storytelling skills.

For many nursery nurses, it is important to be aware that story time is one good way to help relax and put to sleep those under their care, regardless of the age.  It is vital that stories are read out loud to keep children focused in the story and avoid being asked unnecessary questions. 

Most of the time, the establishments already have a pre-approved list of reading materials that can be used for this purpose.  It is part of the expected responsibility of nursery nurses to maintain these learning materials and resources.

  1. Controlling children during events.

For many establishments where nursery nurses are employed, children are a number of events that are prepared for those under their care, like going on outings to the park or zoo, or even having picnics.  During these events held outdoors, it is part of the responsibility of the nursery nurse to control and look after the well-being of those under their care.  Normally, there would be a fixed number of children that will be assigned to every nursery nurse.

Although the manager of the nursery would normally be the one responsible for securing the permission of the parents to have their children join the trip, it would be up to the assistants and nursery nurses to help in the coordination of the activities for the day.  Teaching and helping the children to grasp the importance of the outdoor activity would be part of the responsibility of the nursery nurse.

  1. Teaching functional skills.

Aside from counting and reading skills, many of the nursery nurse jobs also include the responsibility of teaching functional skills to those under their care like learning how to dress themselves or use cutlery.  Teaching functional skills to children are always done in the context of careful observance of every safety and health procedures provided by law. 

This means that every nursery nurse is also expected to be aware of the provisions of any Act that specifically protects children.  It will help them to observe all the established boundaries set by law when it comes to dealing with the needs of children in reference to the various aspects of their needs.

  1. Generating reports.

Nursery nurses are expected to be involved with the various developmental aspects of those under their care.  This means that it is part of their responsibility to observe how they respond to the various activities and trainings, and to generate reports relevant to these observations.  These reports are commonly used to relay to the parent how much their children have developed under the care of the establishment.

The reports generated by nursery nurses are likewise used by establishments to gauge how effective their programs and activities are in achieving a set of predetermined goals.  The parents are sometimes given advice on how to support the continued development of their children from the comfort of their homes based on these reports. 

The reports generated by any nursery nurse must also indicate any perceived abuses that children receive at home.  The responsibility on how to act on these observations however will be up to the nursery manager.

  1. Basic nursery skills.

Another common responsibility that is expected from any nursery nurse is that they possess the basic skills required by the job.  This means that if the nursery takes care of babies, the job would require feeding, changing, and bathing them, which the applicant must be able to do efficiently. 

In the same manner, it is a common responsibility of any nursery nurse to show warmth, care, compassion, patience, and responsiveness while on the job.  These are common responsibilities that are expected by every type establishment that has a job opening for nursery nurses.

By understanding these common responsibilities expected by various establishments, applicants will be better able to perform and deliver what is required of all nursery nurse jobs.

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