Nurse Practitioner Job Description

A Nurse practitioner can be defined as an advance practice nurse (APN), who have earned credential of registered nurse and are educated and trained in master or doctorate level education for offering advance level cares and treatments to patients and families of all age groups, individually or in collaboration with doctors, nurses, specialists and other qualified health care professionals. They have earned NP certification by passing the certification exam in the specialty tracks.

Currently, the demands for NPs are rising steadily due to the nursing shortages passing through the United States of America, leaving of the jobs permanently by the nurses, advancement in medical, medical technology and health care field, graduate level education for advance treatments, and various NP specialty and sub specialty tracks that allow them to provide direct and primary care and treatments to large patient population and families.

The specialty and sub specialty of NPs include: Family Health Cares, Oncology, Pediatrics, WHNP and Neonatology, Psychiatry & Mental Health, GNP, Adult Health and others.

If you believe the statistical data of Bureau of Labour Statistic on the Registered and advance practice registered nurses, the highest job opportunities in the health care field will be for Registered Nurses and their demand is projected to see a rise of 23 per within 2006 to 2016, and the greater chunk of employments will be for advance practice registered nurses (APRN). NPs are the main constituents of APRNs and they will be required in greater numbers to fill up the higher level job positions in the health care field.

NuProvide direct, clinical and primary cares to patient and families of all age groups, culture and languages understanding their physiological and psychological needs.rse Practitioner Job Description

The specialty track certification earned by the Nurse Practitioner allows them to perform varied duties in different types of heath care settings such as NICU, the offices of dentists, long term care facility, hospitals and hospice, Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), veteran homes, ambulatory surgical centers, intensive care units of the hospital, private and public clinics, emergency rooms, outpatient department, own clinic or physician’s office, schools, college and universities, gynecology unit,  home health agencies and other settings. In these health care settings they are first contacts and execute nursing care duties mostly performed by the doctors, except surgical and specialized cares beyond their experience that can only be performed by the doctors.

The basic and primary care duties of the Nurse Practitioner include:

  • Recommend various diagnostic and lab test and x-ray.
  • Diagnose and provide treatment for infection, disease and injuries.
  • Offer preventive health cares.
  • Analyze and assess test reports and apprise physicians about the test results.
  • Counsel patients and families on treatment procedures, healthy life styles and preventive health measures.
  • Prescribe and Administer medications, if they have completed the state law required prescribing requirements and allowed by the specific state
  • Provide cares and treatments and consultation independently in their own clinic or through independent practice.
  • Conduct initial check ups and procure medical history of the patient

NP Job Qualities

NPs must be proficient in advance level cares and must gain extensive clinical knowledge and skills. They must also be quick in decision making and must bear excellent communication skills, and understand physiological and psychological needs of different age group patients, while offering cares and treatments.

NP Job Salary

The average earning of the Nurse Practitioner is $65,000 to $103,000 annually depending upon work experience, education and certification, job position, geographical job location, and type of the facility.

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