Nurse Aide Registry, Georgia

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The nurse aide registry of Georgia keeps in all the record of the certified nursing assistants in the state. The name of the CNA’s will be listed in this registry for two years. It is mandatory for the professional nursing assistants to renew their certification after every two years. One just has to fill up the renewal form and update all the personal information asked in the form. The basic prerequisites of renewal require the employment proof as well as the reimbursement for the nursing aide work.

It is essential that one has worked professional as a nursing assistant at least for eight hours to renew his or her certificate. If the nurse hasn’t worked the minimum period of time since the last two years, they have to give re-test and clear the CNA competency test again. Clearing of this test will lead to the CNA Certification. This certification will allow them to work professionally in Georgia as a Nursing Assistant.

Address of the Nurse Aide Registry

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry
Georgia Health Partnership - GMCF
1455 Lincoln Parkway East, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone:  (678) 527-3010 or  (800) 414-4358
Fax: 678-527-3001

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