Nurse Aide Registries (Wyoming)

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In the state of Wyoming, if you wish to work professionally as a nursing assistant, then one has to complete a CNA training program and receive official recognition for the same.  It is mandatory for all the nursing assistants to possess a CNA certification, only then they can practice nursing professionally in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or long term medical care facility.

To continue practicing as a nursing assistant, it is essential that you renew your certification within every 2 years. The certification ends on 31st December of every two years. For renewal of the nursing certification, one has to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • One should submit the proof that they have worked for at least 16 hours in the two years of valid certification.
  • One must attend at least 24 hours of nursing aide education.
  • One must submit the proof that they have completed the CNA training and cleared the Wyoming CNA competency examination.

If you are a nursing assistant in other state and wish to practice in Wyoming, then they should apply for the endorsement and follow the rules and regulations mentioned by the state for the transfer of certification.

Address of Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry

Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry
Wyoming Board of Nursing
2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 110, Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone (307) 777-7601
License Verification: (877) 626-2681
Fax: (307) 777-3519

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