Nurse Aide Registries (West Virginia)

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If you wish to pursue career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in West Virginia, then firstly you need to successful complete the CNA training program. This program offers students minimum of 120 hours of nursing classes, which includes 65 hours of theoretical and 55 hours hands-on training classes.

Approved CNA programs can be availed by the nursing aspirants in any of the community colleges, private institutions, vocational schools, high schools, long term medical care facility and nursing homes. Once the training program is completed successfully, they need to clear the CNA state competency test. The clearing of this test opens up the way to get you name registered in the Nurse Aide Registry of West Virginia.

In the state of West Virginia, it is not mandatory for the scholars to have a GED or a high school diploma to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant. The minute you become a certified nursing assistant, you automatically get yourself registered at the Nurse Aide Registry of West Virginia.

However, it is essential for all the CNAs to renew their nursing certification within every 2 years. No continuous training or educational credits are required to renew your certification in the state of West Virginia.

Address of Nurse Aide Registry of West Virginia

West Virginia Nurse Aide Registry
West Virginia Division of Health - Office of Health Facilities Licensure & Certification
1 Davis Square, Suite 101, Charleston, WV 25301-1799
Phone: (304) 558-0688
Fax: (304) 558-1442

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