Nurse Aide Registries (Washington)

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Every state has its own nurse aide registry, so does Washington. The nurse aide registry of Washington is an association, which keeps in and maintains all the details and records of the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants. CNAs are those who have completed the nursing training program and have cleared the CNA state examination, in order to receive CNA certification.

The Nurse Aide Registry of Washington contains all the essential information about the nursing assistants in the state. the information includes, date of birth, eligibility for working, basic date, any record or situation of neglect, abuse or any other disqualifying act towards the patients etc.

Currently there are approximately ninety five thousand nursing assistants registered on the Washington Nurse Aide Registry. If you are a certified nursing assistant and want your registration to be done, then your employer can also access the Nurse Aide registry of Washington through internet. They can confirm your employment status on the website also.

The government recommends all the employers to check whether the employees are registered at the Nurse Aide Registry of Washington or not.

Address of the Nurse Aide Registry of Washington

Washington State Nurse Aide Registry
Washington Aging & Adult Services Administration - Residential Care Services Division
640 Woodland Square Loop SE, Olympia, WA 98504
Phone: (360) 725-2570
Fax: (360) 493-2581

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