Nurse Aide Registries (Rhode Island)

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It is essential for all the nursing aspirants to first complete the CNA training program and receive a CNA certification in order to work professionally as a nursing assistant. Rhode Island offers students with CNA training program, which consists of minimum of 100 hours of training classes.

The duration of the CNA training program offered in long term medical care facility or in a nursing home is around 90 days. If you avail the training in nursing homes, then you might get a chance to escape from the training fee. The employer just asks you to work for a particular period of time in their nursing home, after the completion of the CNA training.

If you agree with the terms and condition of the nursing home, then all the expenses concerning the CNA training program will be covered by the nursing home. This cost will include the study material, uniforms and the CNA state examination fee. Once you have completed the training you must apply for the CNA examination. You can apply within a year from the time you started the CNA training.

If you fail to apply for the nursing assistant examination within the time period, then you need to take up the CNA training program again. It is essential for the nursing students to clear the nursing assistant examination in Rhode Island in order to receive CNA certification. You get 3 attempts to clear the state test. If you fail in all three attempts, then you need to re-take the CNA training program as well as the examination.

Address of Nurse Aide Registry of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry
Rhode Island Department of Health Professionals
3 Capitol Hill, Room 105, Providence, RI 02908
Phone: (401) 222-5888
Fax: (401) 222-3352

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