Nurse Aide Registries Kentucky

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Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry
Kentucky Board of Nursing
312 Whittington Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: (502) 329-7047
Fax: (502) 696-3955

The field of healthcare has become one of the most challenging and at the same time rewarding stable career these days. A nurse aide or a state registered nurse aide (SRNA) refers to an individual who gets paid or providing health-care services to clients. To fulfill your dream of becoming a registered nurse aide, you must complete a Kentucky State approved nurse aide training and then challenge and successfully pass the competency examination. After the successful completion of the exam your name gets automatically added to the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry. Validation period of an active nurse aide registration is two years beyond which it must be renewed.

Do you hold your nurse aide certification from a state other than Kentucky and wish to become certified in Kentucky? Yes it’s possible. Nurse aides willing to get employed in Kentucky qualify for becoming registered when they are active and listed on another state’s registry in Kentucky. Those qualified are required to fill out and submit the Interstate Application form as per the norms of Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry and also successfully pass the Kentucky Nurse Aide test.

An important agency is the state’s Nurse Aide Registry which serves important functions for a certified nursing aide or the certification seekers. Any person who has completed the nursing aide training program and has also passed the state attitude test gets listed on the CNA registry. This registry is constantly monitored by the employers to find the potential candidates who satisfy the training and testing requirements for the job of nursing aide. To work as a certified nursing assistant, you must keep your status on the CNA registry active, without any charges of resident abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of client’s property. You must get your registry updated in case of any changes like name or address, which would also ensure you of receiving any important documents like the registration renewal forms sent by the registry. You must ensure to provide the correct mailing address as failing it you would not receive the certification renewal forms.

A vital question to be answered is how to get a duplicate copy of CNA certificate in case of a loss. Well is easier than you thought; the Nurse Aide Registry is in charge of issuing you a duplicate CNA certificate. The only circumstances when a duplicate certificate copy is issued are when the original one has been accidentally lost, destroyed, stolen or the candidate has changed his/her name. Nurse aide registry also holds the power of revoking the nurse aide’s certification in cases of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of a client’s property. The nurse aide’s name along with the particular findings gets listed permanently on the registry.

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