Nurse Aide Registries (Hawaii)

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The Nursing Assistant training programs in Hawaii are administered by the Medicaid Agency. It takes care of all the prerequisites of CNA programs as well as the training requirements in the state of Hawaii. Medicaid Agency is basically responsible for deciding what will the core curriculum for the nursing class, what are the minimum qualifications required for the teachers and finally what all should be included in the CNA state competency examination.

The authority of providing the CNA certification is only given to those schools, colleges, health care settings or nursing homes, who meet the terms and conditions mentioned by the Medicare & Medicaid.

Medicaid reviews every CNA school, college or home health settings within every 2 years to see whether they are following the rules and regulations laid by the Medicaid agency. If the schools and home health facilities are following these rules, then Medicare & Medicaid qualifies these institutions to train the Nursing aide scholars professionally and officially.

Address of the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry

Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry
Hawaii Dept. of Commerce & Consumers Affairs Professional and Vocational Licensing Branch
335 Merchant St., 3rd Floor Room 301, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 739-8122
Fax: (808) 734-8318

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