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The certified nursing assistants are the medical personnel who share the responsibility of caring the patients under the supervision of registered nurses. The medical services and technology is becoming advanced at a rapid pace and lots of certified nursing aides are needed to meet the medical requirements of the people. The youth of Murfreesboro should take advantage of this opportunity and join CNA program offered by various schools in their city.

One renowned CNA program is National Health Care Corporation Murfreesboro TN CNA program. The National Healthcare Corporation is known for its excellence in the field of medical services and health care. The CNA program of the institute is approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing. The students willing to join the CNA program of the institute should apply for a course. The course details them about the necessary duties of nursing aides. After that, the students are provided clinical training by the National Healthcare Corporation. The clinical training makes the students aware about the skills needed by nursing staff.

Later on finishing their course and training, the students have to pass the competence examination held by the Tennessee State for getting the certification. The competence examination has two parts i.e. written and performance tests. The written part consists of multiple choice questions whereas the performance part tests the practical skills of the students.

Those students who want to join the CNA program by the National Healthcare Corporation may contact at the following address for more details:

National HealthCare Corporation
100 East Vine Street
Murfreesboro TN 37130
Phone:(615) 890-2020

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