Medical Care Academies: Nursing Assistant to Respiratory Therapist

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A health care professional always dreams of reaching higher echelon of the nursing field and pursue nursing studies to meet his/her goal. It is a common fact that students recently graduated from high schools with diploma or GED and aiming to enter health care field choose the nurse assistant field and accordingly complete the state and OBRA-87 approved CNA Training program and appear in the competency evaluation exam to earn the certification. The passing of the certification test awards them nurse assistant certification and also offer them legal permission to work in various types of health care facilities.

Once, entering nursing field, working as a nurse assistant and gaining few years working experience you can pursue continue studies to become LPN, RN, Respiratory Therapist Technician, Respiratory Therapist or numerous other nursing careers.

As a nursing assistant, if you want to advance your career for becoming a Respiratory Therapist to offer treatment and care to patients with respiratory disorders, you are required to complete various steps that can make you a Respiratory Therapist Technician and if you further continue your advance level studies and enroll in Medical Care Academies: Nursing Assistant to Respiratory Therapist, you can become a Respiratory Therapist or Respiratory Care Practitioner.

High School Preparation:

You must remember that to pursue career in Respiratory field to become a Respiratory Therapist, you can start your education and training during school education.  While studying in the school, you can pursue courses such as nursing maths and geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, computer skills, emergency care technology and other courses that not only assist you in your nurse assistant training program but also help you in your Respiratory Therapist Technician career. 

Medical Care Academies: Nursing Assistant to Respiratory Therapist Admission Requirements:

As a nurse assistant, the initial requirement for enrolling in a Medical Care Academies for entry level position in the respiratory field requires minimum High school diploma or GED along with the CPR training and certification.

Once, you meet the admission requirements, you have two options for earning the credential of Respiratory Therapist through Medical Care Academies including, certified respiratory therapy technician and registered respiratory therapist.

Certified respiratory therapy technician certification program has duration of one year. The program prepares you for the general respiratory care and specific treatments, and certain clinical cares.

The registered respiratory therapist program requires graduation from a two-year Associate Degree program. The completion of the program makes you eligible to sit for a national examination consisting of two exams offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). The passing of the exam award you the credential of registered respiratory therapist.

But remember, if you complete a 4 year bachelor’s degree program and pass the exam to become a registered, you have better opportunity to get easy employments with attractive salaries. The 4 years program requires 720 hours lab and clinical trainings.  

Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant Programs Academies

Oklahoma City Community College
Virginia College - Birmingham
Everest University and Everest College
CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College – New York
Pima Medical Institute - Chula Vista, California
Concorde Career College - San Bernardino, California
Kansas City Kansas Community College

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