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The job of a certified nursing assistant (or CNA) is considered to be the most important in the field of medical services. A certified nursing assistant is a person that takes care of patients in hospitals and clinics under the supervision of Registered Nurse. There is an emerging need of certified nursing assistants in Washington State due to increasing population.

Various schools in Vancouver, Washington offer CNA programs. One of them is Mary Ann’s CNA School which is known for its quality CNA training program. This school is also known as Maryann Wilson School of Nursing. The school is accredited from Department of Health, Washington. The school was established in 2003. To become a certified nursing assistant from the school, one needs to apply for a course that will cover duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant. After that, Maryann School provides training to its candidates in hospitals and clinics to experience real life skills.

On completion of course and training, the candidate has to appear for a competence examination conducted by the state in order to get certification as a nursing assistant. The skill examination consists of both written and performance tests. The written examination includes multiple choice questions asking about various services offered by certified nursing aide. And, the performance test is designed to measure the skills of candidate required to become a CNA.

Maryann Wilson School of Nursing also provides additional support to its students regarding the competence examination so that the students must pass the examination in the first attempt. After clearing the examination, candidate is provided certification as a nursing assistant and his/her name is included in the state nursing aide registry.

So, those students of Vancouver want to groom their career as a certified nursing assistant may apply to Maryann Wilson School of Nursing and contact for further details at the following address:

Maryann Wilson School-Nursing

5317 NE Street Johns Road

Vancouver, WA 98661-2069

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