JJ School of Technology CNA Training Program

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A certified nursing assistant (or CNA) is a person, who takes the responsibility of taking care of the patients in hospitals and clinics. Basically, a certified nursing assistant works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, in order to have proper guidance and support to take competent and hygienic care of patients. In Minnesota, one of the renowned programs for CNA is JJ School of Technology CNA Training Program.

One has to get a certification in order to become a CNA, and for that he/she has to apply for a course to become aware of necessary duties and responsibilities. Also, training is required which will cover the necessary skills required by the employers. After that, the candidate has to challenge the competence examination which will consist of both written and performance (practical) tests.

There is also a great demand of CNAs in the state of Minnesota as the state requires various candidates willing to work as nursing assistants to complete one of the CNA programs. JJ School of Technology is one of such schools that provide CNA training. It is accredited from Minnesota Department of Health.

The tuition and other required fees are taken for the full academic year from the full – time undergraduate student. In Minnesota, the student receives the reimbursement for certification if he/she becomes employed with certified nursing homes and long term care facilities. The employer will reimburse the certification expenses if the candidate has worked for 90 days. Also, some CNA programs in the state offer scholarships or financial aid to help incur the cost of program. Some human services and other community agencies offer assistance to help with the cost of CNA program completion.

For other details such as student services, courses and scheduling, housing etc, one can contact to the corresponding address as given below:

JJ School of Technology Nurse Aide Program – Brooklyn Park

7420 Unity Ave., Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

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