Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

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When in search for the highest paying nursing jobs in the healthcare industry, it is important to realize that some of them do not exactly belong within the confines of a hospital or work in 12-hour shifts.  Many of the nurses that have receive some of the highest salaries in the industry have invested much of their time in additional trainings to become what is commonly known as advance practice nurses.  This allows them to take on new challenges in varied settings and deal with numerous medical conditions.

According to some industry experts, many nurses either move to different industries or move up in the nursing profession in a span of five years at the least.  Considering that about $56,000 represents the median annual pay for registered nurses with considerable experience, five years is not such a huge sacrifice.  Aside from higher pay grades, specializations provided more benefits that will allow them to exercise their profession beyond the walls of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 

In order to have a chance at any of the following highest paying nursing jobs, possessing a bachelor’s degree is a must.

  1. CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)

There is no question that with an average annual salary of $135,000, a CRNA represents the highest paid nursing position in the country.  As one of the highest paying nursing jobs, the main responsibility is to be able to effectively administer anesthesia to patients.  Normally these types of nurses work with anesthesiologists, surgeons, podiatrists, and dentists among others.  As a licensed professional nurse completing extensive training and education is a must.

By gaining national certification, the CRNA gains the ability to practice the profession in any of the 50 states.  This ability represents increased potentials for higher salaries depending on the actual state where they choose to practice their profession.  Because of the immense salary potentials, it remains as one of the best career choices in the healthcare industry.  Working with medical professionals can also help broaden their horizons.

  1. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

This field of nursing which earns approximately $95,000 annually is also sometimes referred to as Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  These nurses are responsible for discharging similar tasks done by psychiatrists.  This means part of their job is to diagnose mental illness as well as prescribe possible medications.  In some instances they are also required to function as therapists for patients to help them overcome depression, suicidal tendencies, and anxiety among others.

Aside from assessing, diagnosing, and examining patients with mental illness, a huge part of their time is also spent in counseling.  Nurses in this professional field normally face jobs that are structured, managerial, multifaceted, independent, and patient-facing in nature.  These nurses are also sometimes responsible for educating the families of patients to help them to react properly during certain conditions.

  1. Nurse Researcher

This is one proof that some of the highest paying nursing jobs are not found within the confines of a hospital or similar healthcare facilities.  Tasked with assisting in the collection of data related to health and medical care, this profession has an average annual salary of $95,000.  Nurse researchers can also review data and provide relative information about specific results.  The significant role of these nurses help doctors and scientists to gain better understanding of complications surrounding medical conditions.

There are a number of duties that are associated to research positions like framing of questions to be asked from patients, or help better understand the specific circumstances of patients based on responses from relatives.  Writing of medical articles and grant proposals can also be part of the entire process that nurse researchers have to deal with regularly.  This gives them the flexibility to practice their profession in a number of places.

These nurses can also play the role of educators in schools and similar facilities.  Performing clinical trials, experiments, and analysis of medical data can be done by these nurses for various pharmaceutical companies and other private organizations.  They can also help other researchers where large group studies are commonly undertaken.

  1. Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

This type of healthcare professional delivers numerous services for women which can include gynecological examinations, medical histories, prescriptions, labor, delivery care, and contraceptive counseling among others.  The ability to give expert care when a woman goes into labor, delivery, and even after birth is a unique specialty that Certified Nurse Midwives have.  The word midwife actually is a reflection of the philosophy of caring.

This means that they focus on women including their individualized reproductive needs.  These nurses are also responsible for either eliminating or minimizing preventable interventions.  The model care of midwives is anchored on the belief that pregnancy and childbirth are normal processes in life.  Therefore, midwives are tasked to monitor not only the physical, but the psychological and social well-being of mothers for the duration of the childbearing process.

The CNM normally receives an annual salary of $84,000 on the average and are individually trained and licensed for both nursing and midwifery.  These nurses possess a bachelor’s degree from accredited nursing institutions at the very least.  Identifying and referring pregnant women in need of obstetrical attention is part of their overall responsibility.

  1. Orthopedic Nurse

With an annual salary of $81,000, it remains as one of the highest paying nursing jobs in the country.  These nurses are specially trained to prepare them to handle workloads that deal with people who have injuries to the bones or joints.  Many of the injuries these nurses deal with are caused by different types of trauma like car accidents, falls from elevated places, or from diseases like cancer and arthritis among others.

To have a meaningful career in this field, it is important to have an understanding of musculoskeletal conditions.  These nurses provide care for patients of varying ages that suffer from different types of muscular dystrophy and similar conditions.  Orthopedic nurses can also do assessments, examinations, and treatment procedures to help alleviate the condition of patients that display signs of fractures, injuries, and other similar traumatic conditions.

These remain as the five highest paying nursing jobs in the country and can be some of the more excellent career options that you may consider.

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