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For those who want to have a promising career in the healthcare industry, enrolling in Goldfarb School of Nursing will be the one of the best steps you make.  Without a doubt, this nursing school has been considered as a very unique institution when it comes to the training of potential nurses.  With a variety of appealing facilities and an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, the development of promising nurses with potentially successful careers is almost assured.

The competency of the teaching staff is comparable to virtually every nursing college across the country.  Many of its alumni would readily agree that there is no shortage of teaching skills when it comes to Goldfarb School of Nursing.  The beauty of this nursing school is that it provides potential students with a choice between traditional admission and online enrollment. 

It must be understood though that the nature of the courses may differ based on the actual requirements per student.  The start of a successful career in the healthcare industry relies on the completion of the following.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN

If you noticed, the initial step to success as a nurse is immediately attaining the baccalaureate level or the BSN degree. The reasoning is that this is the true entry level to success in the field of nursing.  Current and prospective nurses must realize that unless they become BSNs, career growth will rarely open doors for them.  This stage actually provides nurses with the necessary skill sets to take care of patients and relate to their families while in a hospital environment.

Attaining these skill sets also prepare nurses for various types of environmental settings where nursing services may be required.  When candidates successfully receive their BSN degree, it is expected that they will have the ability to integrate theory and research to deliver a more stable foundation for their practice based on the teachings of humanities, sciences, and the arts.

The education provided by the BSN program will allow nurses to practice in such a way that they will be able to reflect their commitment to the values of their profession in terms of autonomy, altruism, integrity, social justice, human dignity, and cultural competence.  Patients can expect to receive safe and competent nursing care based on the results of a comprehensive health assessment.

What many potential nurses should understand that education is not only for instilling theories and basic skill sets, but also make them responsible, accountable, and proficient members of the healthcare industry during the practice of their profession.  Unlike with certification programs, the BSN degree also focuses on the importance of increasing the communication skills of nurses within the context of professionalism and acceptable bedside manners.

For those who are interested to seek the BSN program of Goldfarb School of Nursing, they offer various options for transferring undergraduate students, graduates of non-nursing fields looking to shift to the nursing profession, and completion of Registered Nurses to achieving a BSN degree.  All of these provide compelling reasons why this is the first step to becoming a successful nurse.

  1. Master of Science in Nursing or MSN

After completion of the BSN program, the next step to success is to get to the master’s level.  At this academic plateau, nurses are given the chance to further their analytical skills, conduct more researches, and establish a relationship between theory and practice.  Graduates of this academic achievement are better prepared to assume more complex roles as professionals in the healthcare industry.

Regardless whether it is in management and leadership, advanced nursing practice, or nursing education, holders of a Master of Science in Nursing from the Goldfarb School of Nursing can display leadership in the workplace.  They rely on evidence-based methods in the delivery of nursing services adhering to technological proficiency, cultural competency, and responsible healthcare.

With a focus on the integration of theory and implementation of ethical principles, the intent is to be able to deliver a reflective practice anchoring on professional values that remain strong and firm in the face of evolving roles of nurses in the healthcare industry.  Since majority of MSNs start to assume the roles of leaders, they are commonly tasked with the preservation of healthcare consumer acts and become agents for positive influences in the healthcare system.

Considering that nurses that reach this step of success have undergone considerable research on various facets of the industry, they are competent enough to present improvement in the design and implementation of nursing care to result in higher quality regardless of the setting.  Holders of MSN degrees are expected to remain accountable for the quality of service they provide in their practice.  Because of this, they can actively influence the global healthcare system with significant impact.

In the same breath, nurses in this level of success have more commitment to improving their education and pursuit for professional development.  The overall improvement of the healthcare system can be reflected in the areas of Nurse Executive, Nurse Educator, Adult Acute Care Practitioner, Adult Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Anesthesia.

  1. Doctor of Nursing Practice/Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing or DNP/PhD

This is what sets Goldfarb School of Nursing apart from other nursing schools in the country and on the Internet.  This final step on the ladder of success is actually one of a kind in the United States.  The DNP/PhD degree is an integration of the practice and the research components of the nursing education to help establish the foundation for current nurses to assume the role of practice scientists.

Graduates of this program will be able to respond to the demands of the healthcare industry for highly trained, educated, and competent nurses that can excel in both practice and academic fields.  Completion of this study program, nurses can assume the highest possible management role in any hospital or healthcare facility aside from becoming leaders in the area of practice scientists.

As practice scientists, they can consciously contribute to the advancement of the field through a series of knowledge dissemination that can result in future improvements in the field of effective management and complex health conditions.  The core competency to develop and evaluate interventions can be handled to ensure that they will result in improved delivery of health services to affected populations.  This step also comes with an option to pursue a DNP/PhD Post-Master’s degree.

These three steps are adequate enough to prepare any current or prospective nurse to assume leadership role and gain eventual success in the healthcare industry.  These are unique to the nursing program implemented at Goldfarb School of Nursing.

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