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The Galen School of Nursing is one of the private nursing schools in the country that has successfully paved the path of many careers in the field of nursing.  One of the greatest advantages of this nursing school is that it has multiple locations all over the United States.  This translates to the ability to reach out to more potential nursing students in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, and Texas. 

The college received accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education in 2005, which allowed it to provide two-year Associate of Science in Nursing degree to interested students. The motivation is to teach interested students the science of nursing to allow them to become Registered Nurses or even Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses.  The ability of the Galen School of Nursing to mold successful applicants is based primarily on the fact that it offers exclusively nursing education. 

This means that all their efforts and resources are focused on this goal with instructors that are exceptionally qualified and experienced in clinical practice.  To become better prepared for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam) and a successful nursing career, consider the following programs.

  1. Registered Nurse (RN)

This program was developed to help potential nurses to effectively assess the needs of patients and develop individualized plans for their care.  They will be able to evaluate the treatment outcomes and revise the plan of care if necessary to achieve better results.  Registered Nurses are important components of healthcare teams because of their ability to collaborate with patients, families, physicians, as well as other healthcare professionals.

Becoming an RN means supervising LPNs and working under the direct supervision of physicians.  Based on the figures from the U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for these types of nurses is approximately $31.99 an hour.  This rate can change drastically based on a number of factors like working environment, hours worked, and level of practice among others.  As a result, the upper 10% of Registered Nurses can receive as much as $45.05 an hour or about $93,700 every year.

These figures represent the average for salaries, which means that a significant degree of consideration has been placed on the type of healthcare institution served, geographic location, professional titles, and actual duties of the RN.  This program has become one of the more popular and is now available in all four campuses of Galen.  It is important to be aware that classes are started four times annually and can be considerably small, which means they can get filled up rather quickly.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

The Galen School of Nursing program for Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses trains students to collect data from patients and report the status to the rest of the healthcare team.  The role of the LPN and LVN includes assisting in the development of an effective patient care plan and implementing it under the supervision of the RN or the lead physician.

Completing the program for LPN or LVN allows them to supervise the performance of nursing assistants as well as nursing aides.  The LPN programs are offered only at the Tampa Bay and Louisville campuses, while the LVN programs are only available in the San Antonio campus.  As an additional motivation to current and prospective LPN and LVN graduates, the national average salary is about $19.66 hourly.

Depending on the geographic location, type of healthcare institution, duties, and professional titles among others, the upper 10% of LVNs and LPNs receive $26.49 per hour on the average.  With practical and vocational nursing programs made more flexible and available, having a successful career has never been easier.

  1. LPN-to-RN Bridge

This bridge program is designed to give better opportunities to current LPNs including students to be able to successfully complete a PN program to result in an Associate of Science in Nursing degree.  The Galen School of Nursing provides Registered Nurse programs that are applicable to all LPN and LVN to receive their Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN and finally become RNs.

The basic concept of the program is to deliver an RN track that incorporates credit for previous LPN and LVN studies and certifications.  This helps prepare graduates for the NCLEX board exams for nurses.  This increases their chances of becoming RNs and opening doors for better career growth.  To fast track the path to success, get in touch with the admission department of the school immediately.

  1. Online College Nursing

One of the requisites to ensuring the success to any chosen career path is to be able to gain access to the resources needed.  This is primarily what Galen is doing with the offering of Online College Nursing Classes.  This gives prospective nursing students who do not have the time and capability to attend traditional classroom environments to pursue their dreams.  The classes are supervised by legitimate Galen faculty, but can vary depending on the campus.

Interested students would be glad to learn that this program even offers the chance to earn a Registered Nurse degree and general education through the Online College Nursing Classes.  It therefore forms part of the flexible options in securing an RN degree for qualified students.  It is important to understand that despite the convenience of studying at home and at their own hours, many of the coursework remain time specific.

  1. Evening Classes

This option is provided by Galen School of Nursing to allow interested and qualified students to become, RNs, LPNs, or LVNs through a flexible nursing education using traditional classroom environment.  The classes can vary significantly depending on the campus where it will be taken, but are all designed to ensure that ample opportunity becomes available to all who are qualified.  The most common beneficiaries of this program are those who have family responsibilities or daytime jobs.

This offering allows interested students to complete nursing programs anywhere from a year to a little more than two years.  The evening classes provide the same access to modern classroom facilities including clinical and science laboratories, much like those enjoyed with daytime programs while making the schedules fit into the lives of the students.

With all these programs designed for the success of current and prospective nursing students, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by Galen School of Nursing is a step towards the right direction.

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