Free CNA Classes in Richmond VA

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Lately, Certified Nursing Assistant has become one of the most chosen professions in the medical line of work. CNAs are the medical care individuals, who assist the registered nurse and take care of the ailing patients in the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or any other medical or health care facility.

There are a number of specialized and proficient colleges and universities, which offer free CNA classes in Richmond VA. The premium education is provided to the scholars and made sure that they grasp and absorb each and every piece of knowledge provided to them. These instructions  includes:

  • Basic clinical and nursing skills.
  • All the information of nutrition and infection control is given to the nursing candidates.
  • Checking and recording the vital signs of the patients such as temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
  • Restorative skills.
  • Emergency care.
  • They are also trained in certain housekeeping activities. For example, changing the bed covers, checking the food delivery try and so on.

As mentioned in the federal law, the duration of the Free CNA classes in Richmond VA has to be one hundred and twenty hours, out of which:

  • eighty hours are devoted to the theoretical classes
  • Forty hours are devoted to the hands on clinical training in the long term medical care unit.

Most of the colleges offer day and evening classes; a student can chose any one according to his or her experience. Some also offer web-based Free CNA classes.

The concluding step after the completion of the free CNA classes in Richmond VA is to get through the evaluation examinations. These exams are practical and written; therefore, in order to acquire the Certified Nursing Assistant certification, it is mandatory for all the nursing students to clear both the exams.

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