Forensic Nursing School

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If you want to build your career in the health care field, where you want your job to be filled with excitements and adventures, you can complete your advance education from Forensic Nursing School or pursue forensic nursing track as an alternative to your nursing education. The knowledge and skills in the forensic field thus gained through the school will make you work in the midst of crime scene, where you will have to assist in solving the crime by collecting the evidences and nailing the culprits. You can even testify in the court in front of the magistrate with your findings from the crime scene that can ultimately help in indicting the culprit with the crime.

The Forensic Nursing School prepares you for carrying out various crimes related procedures such as evidences collection, collect blood, tissues and hairs from the crime scene. The nursing knowledge and skills, in addition to forensic knowledge also assist you in providing emergency cares to victims in the crime, accident or assault site.

You must also understand that the victim of crime, accident, abuse, rape, violence or assaults are completely shattered and in traumatic condition needing immediate medical attentions and as a forensic nursing expert with added knowledge of nursing cares must provide immediate treatments to assuage their suffering and provide mental and emotional support before the victims are actually transferred to the hospitals or health clinics for treatment procedures.

Forensic Science Education Programs

There are various undergraduate and graduate level online Forensic Science Education Programs that can offer you expertise and specialization in the forensic field including:

  • MS in Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Nursing Certificate Programs
  • Associates Degree in Forensic Nursing
  • Bachelor Degree in Forensic Nursing
  • CNS: Forensic Nursing Focus
  • Forensic Science Minor
  • Masters in Forensic Nursing/ (Forensic Track and Forensic Specialty)
  • Forensic Nursing PhD


The board certified certification SANE (SANE-A and SANE-P), in the Forensic Science is offered by the Forensic Nursing Certification Board Certification examination

Online Classes Positive and Negative Aspects

The online Forensic science courses also helps you in other way as they can be assessed from any distance or corner, class timings are also flexible, as they are open 24 x 7 days and can be attended at your free time or leisurely hours after your official workings and offers student independence.

Though, online programs are not without negative aspects such as lack of direct practical or face to face interactions with the instructors and with the actual groups, delay in feedback and responses, unaware of quality of the lectures or the instructors, program costs, reliability and others.

Therefore, before opting for the online programs, you must find out the genuineness of the courses, their accreditation and approval, and cost of the programs because it must suit your pocket.

Forensic Nursing School

You can complete your Forensic science education from any of the following schools:

  • Utah Valley University
  • Boston University
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of Mississippi-
  • Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
  • Indiana University
  • Purdue University-Indianapolis
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Loyola University, New Orleans

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