Florida Nurse Aide Registry

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In the state of Florida nurse aide certificates expire on December 31st of odd years. Every nurse aide is required to get a renewal form every four months before the certification expire.  Once you get a renewal form make sure that you have worked in a long term care facility for two years. The nurse aides are required to submit the renewal forms and the fee requested along with that. If you have not performed the nurse aide functions twenty four months before certificate renewal date then your Florida nurse aide certification may lapse. If your nurse aide certificate has lapsed then, you will not be able to work unless you retake he Florida state competency examined get yourself recertified

A state’s nurse aide registry is important for the nurse aides as well as those who want to get themselves certified. Those who have completed the nurse aide training programs and successfully passed out the state competency exam get their name listed on the CNA registry. The staffing organization checks the registry list to confirm that the employee is eligible to work as a nurse aide. In order to work as a CNA, your CNA registry status must be active, without any criminal record. Make sure you update your name and address on the registry. This makes it easier for you to receive important documents sent to you by the registry.

For example, renewal forms shall be mailed to your address that you have provided to the registry. So make sure your address is correct for the delivery of renewal forms. In order to get a copy of CNA certificate get in touch with the Nurse Aide registry.

When the original CNA certificate is misplaced, destroyed or stolen then, the CNA certificate is reprinted. The CNA certification of an individual can be revoked in case of abuse or misappropriate harm to the client’s property. The individuals name can then be permanently listed on the registry with some specific conclusions.

Florida Nurse Aide Registry Address

Florida Department of Health MQA/CNA Program
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Tallahassee, FL 32399
Registry Line: (850) 245-4567
Exemption Line: (850) 245-4125
Fax: (850) 245-4172

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