Duties of a CNA in a Nursing Home

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Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) are these nurse assistants, who have completed state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training programs (NATP) and passed the state competency evaluation exam to earn the CNA Certification. The earning of the certification also provide them the credential of certified nurse aide, and grant them legal permission to work in varied health care settings including nursing homes.
The classroom course instruction and clinical training of OBRA required 75 hours or more make them competent for offering safe and quality cares to safeguard the public health and welfare in varied health care settings.

Duties of a CNA in a Nursing Home

There are various types of duties and responsibilities that must be executed by a nurse aide in the nursing homes and their caring services are mainly directed to elderly patients or senior citizen patients, and patients, who are admitted in the nursing homes for long term cares or recovering from their long illness or injuries.
The primary responsibility of a CNA in these facilities requires executing duties such as:

  • Provide personal cares such as bathing, grooming, feeding, assist in the movement of the patient through walking and wheel chair.
  • Look after the daily living activities of the patient.
  • Assist patient in dressing and undressing, and answer light calls.
  • Empty bed pans, Change bed linen and clean the patient room.
  • Offer basic nursing cares including counting, recording and measuring vital signs, measuring height and weight, liquid intake and output.
  • Administer injections, water and glucose.
  • Administer medications as directed by the physician.
  • Report everyday condition of the patient to registered nurse or physician, under whom they may be working.
  • Assist patient in exercises and supervise their exercising.
  • Cleaning and bandaging the wounds
  • Provide variety massages and therapeutic therapies
  • Look after the infection control in the nursing home.

You must also remember that few patients might not be able to write or read due to their ailments and they might approach you to write or read for them, and it is your responsibility to meet their needs and satisfy their writing and reading desires. Some patients might be suffering from mental or emotional problems due to their ailments or other causes and it becomes your responsibility to provide mental and emotional supports to patient and families.

In addition, you must also maintain privacy and confidentiality of the patient and respect their Independence and Rights, and also recognize and meet the spiritual and cultural need of the patient. The patients in the nursing home might be admitted for longer period of time and in such cases it is only you who will be looking after their everyday needs, which also require you forming strong mental and emotional bonds with them and make them feel at home.

Nursing Home CNA Qualities

A nurse aide working in the nursing homes must possess certain qualities, which are very essential for offering safe and quality cares. They must possess excellent communication skills for counseling and offering emotional support to patients, and also possessPsychosocial Care Skills for emotional and mental supports and bonds. The quality of humble nature, amicable behavior, resilience, activeness and compassionate nature is a must for caring these elderly patients or senior citizens. You must also be physically sound and able to lift certain weight because you might have to assist the patient in turning on the bed or repositioning and assist them in their movement through wheel chair and walking.

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